Planning your funeral


At TriDelta Financial we believe in life balance and planning, which requires addressing those ‘not so pleasant’ aspects along with the fun stuff. Planning a funeral is one of these important realities and we asked Glen Oaks Memorial in Oakville to provide some planning insight:

Although everyone agrees that a baby shower, birthday celebration, wedding, vacation or even a picnic requires planning. People seldom consider planning ahead for one of the most important events in their lives.

Death is a 100% certainty – it’s a natural part of life. But your death will inevitably bring loss and sadness to those who love you. By planning your own funeral now, you can ease the burden on your loved ones in the future.

Planning now means you make the decisions

There are countless decisions to be made when a funeral is being arranged, from choice of flowers to choice of cemetery. When you plan ahead you can decide on every detail yourself without any pressure. In fact, planning your own funeral can be as satisfying as planning for any other important event in your life. You can make sure the arrangements are exactly what you want, and your family won’t have to guess what your wishes may have been.

Some final decisions really should be yours

Burial? Cremation? Deciding how to manage your remains is one of the most wrenching decisions your loved ones must make. By pre-planning, you can make an informed choice. And your family can take the time now to discuss ideas openly, while minds are clear and focused.

Financially, it makes far more sense to plan ahead

Family members often feel emotionally pressured to overspend on funeral arrangements. By taking control of the costs today, not only will you relieve your family from those pressures, you could save your estate thousands of dollars, allowing you to leave an even greater legacy.

Even if your estate will provide the funds for your funeral, it still makes financial sense to plan now.  By making your investment in today’s dollars, you’ll protect your estate from inflation rates in the future. In fact, your investment in pre-planning is guaranteed. Legislation requires funeral and cemetery companies to put monies received for a pre-arrangement into a trust account held by a financial institution that has Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation depositors’ insurance. Or you can purchase insurance to fund your pre-arrangement.

The right time to plan your funeral  is now, which will provide peace of mind.

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Article compiled by Chuck Duchesnay, Branch Manager, Glen Oaks Memorial Gardens & Reception Centre, Oakville, ON.