TriDelta Private Wealth Webinar – Six Ideas for Tax Smart Investing – April 16, 2024 – Video

In case you missed our April 16th webinar, watch the recording of the presentation below.

A 1-year GIC paying 5% held in a taxable investment account for a high-income Ontario resident produces only a 2.3% return after taxes.

What if you could get a similar pre-tax return but a higher after-tax return to ensure more money stays your money?

There are a number of ways that people with non-registered investments or money in Corporations could be making greater after-tax returns by being both tax smart with their investments and also understanding what tools are out there to achieve these results. In the case of Corporations, there are some strategies that could boost after tax returns by hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the situation.

In this webinar we discuss six ideas for tax smart investors and how to ensure your investment portfolio is structured to protect you from undue tax both now and in the future.

Our discussion is hosted by Ted Rechtshaffen, MBA, CIM, CFP, President and CEO of TriDelta and features Asher Tward – Head of Estate Planning at TriDelta.