Financial Planning Building your personalized financial plan

A good financial plan should help you to answer specific questions that you have, provide peace of mind, and possibly identify some opportunities for meaningful tax savings.

Working with a TriDelta advisor means taking a big picture view of your situation — gaining a full understanding of your needs and goals — and working with you to simplify complex matters to optimize a plan.

Our dedicated team of advisors work with you to answer some of life’s important questions


With TriDelta, you can have confidence in knowing you have a team to help you take the necessary steps to achieving your financial goals.

Have you asked these questions? 

If so, a TriDelta financial plan can answer them.

  • Is there any risk of me outliving my money?

  • I know how much money I have, but will it allow me to do the things I want to do?

  • Am I paying too much in taxes? Are there ways to be paying less?

  • How can I generate more investment income without taking a lot of risks?

  • I have a corporation, but is there a good plan for getting money out tax efficiently?

  • Can I afford to retire now?

  • Can I afford to spend more on myself — and how much more?

  • Can I afford to help my kids and grandkids without putting myself at risk?

Download TriDelta's 10 Key Financial Planning Questions for High Net Worth Canadians

Building Your Plan

Developing a financial plan is a collaborative process that involves taking where you are today, painting a picture of the future, and seeing the impact of a few different possible options. 

  • Your TriDelta advisor will work with you to integrate your current situation with your goals and identify opportunities to maximize your plan and ensure your values and financial interests are aligned.

  • We then work with you every step of the way to successfully implement your plan and ensure you stay on track over the long term.

Maintaining Your Plan

We understand that life changes and with that our goals and concerns can change as well. Each personalized plan is built to change with us and allow you to have confidence in knowing we will help guide you through these changes.

Protecting Your Legacy

Building and maintaining your plan is important; however, ensuring the plan works beyond your lifetime is just as significant. Our process keeps this in focus and considers tax-efficiency and oversight to design an estate that is clear and intentional for your loved ones.

Your wealth is more than investment returns. Holistic financial planning takes a bigger picture approach that integrates your personal mix of investments, taxes, estate, insurance, and legacy.