TriDelta Private Wealth BNN Bloomberg – The Economy Will Put a Lot of Pressure on the Bank of Canada to Lower Rates

The economy will put a lot of pressure on the Bank of Canada to lower rates: portfolio manager

On Morning Markets, BNN Bloomberg’s Amber Kanwar interviews some of North America’s leading money managers and analysts for actionable ideas on how Canadians can best position their investment portfolios.

Ted Rechtshaffen, president, CEO, and portfolio manager at TriDelta Private Wealth, joins BNN Bloomberg and talks about Canada is in a recession or close to it, and that will be a driver for the Bank of Canada to lower rates. Rechtshaffen predicts six rate cuts in 2024, and he says the first will be 25BP on April 10th.


Reproduced from BNN Bloomberg Morning Markets TV Show December 28, 2023 .

Ted Rechtshaffen
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