Insurance Solutions Essential insurance strategies to protect and enhance your wealth

We understand the unique insurance needs of high net-worth individuals and families and will work with you to define a custom-tailored plan. When building your wealth management strategy, personalized insurance planning is a must. We have cultivated relationships with virtually every life and health insurance company in Canada to better allow us to offer competitively priced plans curated just for you.

A powerful tax and estate planning tool

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Life insurance is among the most effective tax and estate planning resources available to Canadians. TriDelta will show you how to properly integrate insurance into your financial plan to efficiently diversify your wealth without compromising on growth.

How insurance helps

Whether you're looking to improve your retirement or enhance your estate, insurance solutions can have a significant impact. Your TriDelta advisor can help you explore all these possibilities and more.

  • Access Corporate Retained Earnings

    Many life policies allow you to access a portion of these earnings tax-free. Integrated correctly with your financial plan, this can help you maximize your retirement goals and extract money out of your corporation tax efficiently. Download our corporate insurance case study to see an example of how we can help. 

  • Cover future tax-liabilities

    This can help your estate retain significant real estate and corporate holdings without tax-related liquidity concerns.

  • Simplify estate planning

    Use insurance to bypass probate and make direct bequests to individuals outside of your will

  • Improve legacy charitable giving

    We’ll show you how the right insurance plans can help maximize tax-benefits and increase endowments.

  • Tax-sheltered investment growth

    Contribute to an insurance policy for tax sheltered investing for those who have maximized their registered savings accounts.  This creates an ideal vehicle for sheltering corporate savings that isn’t otherwise available.

Discover your personalized insurance solution

We don’t simply propose insurance strategies, we help you integrate even the most complex insurance planning into a detailed financial review. We will help you understand your policy every step of the way and demonstrate how it can achieve your goals in the context of your financial plan.