At TriDelta Financial, we set out to challenge the way the banks and other providers deliver financial services to clients.

We knew there had to be a better way and set out to design our rather unique ‘Doctor model’ (ongoing professional advice and introduction to specialists as required).

This is all delivered, implemented and monitored by one company.
Our goal is to provide complete financial peace of mind for families and individuals.

TriDelta Family Doctor Model

We have seamlessly combined key financial solutions into our model.
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Canadian Retirement Income Guide

Maximizing your income while minimizing your taxes
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Hear a recording of today’s (March 12th) TriDelta Investment Conference Call (3/12/2020) - After markets closed today, TriDelta Financial did an investment conference call to outline what we were doing heading into 2020, what signs we are looking for today to reinvest some funds, and what we might be investing in. You will hear from: Ted Rechtshaffen, MBA, CIM, CFP, President and CEO Cameron Winser, CFA, Senior VP, […]
Strategies to Make Your Money Last Longer in Retirement and to Reduce Taxes (2/11/2020) - Lorne Zeiler, Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor, was one of the experts interviewed on current strategies that can be used by investors to reduce overall taxes paid in retirement and to the estate. Lorne Zeiler focused on the benefits of gifting. Written by: Terry Cain Special to The Globe and Mail Published November 11, 2020 […]
Tips on How to Get the Most from your RRSP (2/11/2020) - Lorne Zeiler, Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor at TriDelta Financial, was one of the experts asked about strategies to maximize the benefit of RRSP accounts and how to reduce overall taxes based on the timing of withdrawals and use of Spousal accounts. Written by: Dale Jackson Special to The Globe and Mail Published February 7, […]