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Maximize your pension value

At TriDelta, our Pension experts can help you answer all of these questions:

  • “Should I take the cash value of a pension or opt for monthly payouts for life?”
  • “Should I take an early retirement package?”
  • “What about Survivor Benefits – should I opt for 100%, 70% or even 0%?”
  • “How do taxes affect my decisions?”
  • “Are there strategies that can complement my Pension decisions to minimize my risks?”

In some cases, your Pension could be worth over $1 million in your pocket today. If you could choose to have this amount instead of a traditional monthly pension, how would you make this difficult decision?  Does your employer provide you with the key information and help you need to make these very important decisions? Usually the answer is no, in part because the interests of your employer and your interests are NOT the same when it comes to your Pension.  They are trying to pay out the least, and you are trying to receive the most.

A wrong decision may mean that your spouse has less money for years after you are gone.  A wrong decision may mean that after years of hard work, much of the value of your Pension could disappear in an instant.  For something this important, you should work with an expert who can help you to get the facts and the answers you need to maximize the value of your Pension.

Do you know at what age you need to make key Pension decisions? It may be much earlier than your retirement?

In some Pensions, Age 50 is key. In others Age 55 is key. If you pass those ages without understanding the impact, you may miss out on tens of thousands of dollars.

All of our Specialists have either a Certified Financial Planning (CFP) designation, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), or a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. In some cases, we have all three.

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At TriDelta, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of your Pension and its options, performed by Financial Planning specialist.

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