Tax Minimization Strategies

Nobody wants to pay more in taxes than they need to, but most middle class and wealthier Canadians do.
In many cases, if one relies on their accountant to be a strategic tax planner, they are missing significant opportunities.

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At TriDelta Financial, we have developed unique strategies by incorporating our knowledge of Insurance, Lending, Investments, Trust and Tax, and we tailor them to your unique situation. Very often we educate the clients’ accountant on new strategies to save them tax.

In many cases we have been able to save clients over $100,000 in taxes and build their estate value by over $1 million, without adding new capital and actually minimizing risk.

Call us at (416) 733-3292 x 221 to find out if you might be missing out on these opportunities for your personal situation.

Typical client scenarios where we have saved significant taxes include:

  • Any individual in Ontario with taxable income of $150,000 or more
  • Recently retired couple where, between pensions and investment income, they are saving more each year than they are spending
  • 72 year old retired individual where, with minimum RIF withdrawals, now is bringing in significantly more money than is spent each year
  • Individual with active company or holding company where assets are being taxed at the highest rate on “passive” income. They want to slowly transfer taxable funds from company to children with as little tax as possible.
  • A couple want to give money to charity in the most tax efficient way possible, without losing total control of the funds.


Our first step is to develop an overall financial plan which shows projected income, expenses, taxes and asset growth for the rest of your life. From there we can identify a few opportunities and strategies to help you meet your goals while paying the least amount of tax.

To find out more, please contact us at (416) 733-3292 x 221 or or simply click here.

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