Investment Security

At TriDelta Investment Counsel you are protected by safeguards and guarantees.

The investments made by our portfolio managers are held at our custodian for your protection.

We have partnered with one of the world’s safest banks as our custodian, National Bank Independent Network (NBIN). For institutional and family office clients, TriDelta can work with their existing custodians, as our technological platform is multi-faceted.

NBIN is an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank Financial. The sole business of NBIN is to provide clearing and brokerage services to independent securities firms, financial planners, investment counsellors and money managers. At present, there are over 100 independent financial service firms with NBIN, entrusting them with over $100 billion in assets under administration.

In the highly unlikely event that our custodian should declare bankruptcy, the Canadian Investor Protection Fund ( provides insurance up to CDN $1 million, including up to $100,000 of cash. This protection is often up to $2 million per person as RRSPs/RRIFs are considered separately.

In addition to our third party custodian, NBIN, TriDelta Investment Counsel has other controls in place to protect our clients.
These controls include the following:

  1. Independent audit of TriDelta Investment Counsel (Fruitman Kates LLP );
  2. Compliance with provincial securities regulations; and,
  3. Compliance with the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct.

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