Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process used to organize one’s affairs so that your goals are achieved both during your lifetime and after your passing.
The financial impact and tax savings from strong planning can be tremendous.

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In many cases we have been able to save clients over $100,000 in taxes and build their estate value by over $1 million, without adding new capital and actually minimizing risk.

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Estate planning is all about preserving what you have worked so hard at acquiring, your wealth. It is often a complicated process and even intimidating, which is why we approach it in a step by step manner. We ensure that you are involved and understand the benefits of our proposed solutions.

The first step is to understand how much, if any Estate you will likely be leaving. From there we can work with you to both minimize the effect of taxes and maximize the size of your Estate.

After all, once all of your expenses are covered off for the remainder of your life, the residual must be directed somewhere. We can help ensure that the largest portion passes to your family or favoured charitable organizations according to your wishes and the least amount goes to taxes.

TriDelta can help you target an Estate that is commensurate with your wishes. We can control risk and apply strategies that allow for significant capital appreciation and tax efficiency with significantly less risk than most mainstream strategies.

Other important aspects of estate planning may involve business succession planning or charitable giving.

If you have business holdings, these assets may comprise the most significant portion of your estate.

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Issues include:

  • Transfer of ownership
  • Keeping the business in tact
  • Liquidity
  • Tax-efficiency


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