[IN THE NEWS] Guaranteed Retirement Income, But At A Price


In this Globe and Mail article, Rob Carrick explains in detail life annuities that guarantee you retirement income.  Along with quotes from our VP Estate Planning, Asher Tward,  Mr. Carrick explains how annuities are rigid investments that you are locked-in to, providing low payouts:

Guaranteed Retirement Income, But At A Price

By: Rob Carrick at the Globe and Mail (February 25, 2011)

“The life annuity is a retirement investing product with to-die-for optics.

Life annuities pay a regular, guaranteed amount of money every month for as long as you live, which addresses two big retirement risks. One, that the stock market will crash just as you’re about to start drawing down on your retirement savings and, two, that you’ll outlive your savings.

Worry-free income for people who don’t have company pension plans – that’s the idealized view of life annuities. But for reasons that relate both to current financial market conditions and the way in which life annuities are constructed, their real-world appeal is limited. READ  MORE AT SOURCE…

[IN THE NEWS] A Retirement Product That’s Guaranteed, But Not Very Attractive


In this Globe and Mail news article, Rob Carrick discuses the unattractive features of guaranteed retirement income products.  After 2 years of sales of these products, Ash Tward and I explain to Mr. Carrick why we still do not sell these products to our clients; there are better, cheaper and more flexible investment options.

A Retirement Product That’s Guaranteed, But Not Very Attractive

By: Rob Carrick at The Globe and Mail (September 17, 2010)

Retirement income, guaranteed.

That got your attention, didn’t it? After two straight years of stock market drama, what a relief it is to know there’s such a thing as a retirement investment you can count on.

On this simple sales pitch, the guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit has quietly become one of today’s most successful investing products. This trend has occurred even while GMWBs have become less attractive than they were when they were introduced. And truth is, they weren’t that great to begin with.”  READ  MORE AT SOURCE…

[IN THE NEWS] Your Company Pension Plan: Demand A Great Deal


I contributed this article to the Globe and Mail because I was concerned that many people were not paying enough attention to their pension plans. Here, I talk about the five key issues to consider when examining your company pension plan and why they are important:

Your Company Pension Plan: Demand A Great Deal

By: Ted Rechtshaffen for the Globe and Mail (June 18,2010)

“Is it time to take action on your group RSP? With a little push, perhaps your HR executives can find similar improvements for your company. If your plan isn’t up to par – and I will show you how to find out – you need to get your company to make it better..” READ  MORE AT SOURCE…


[IN THE NEWS] Universal Life Insurance may trump RRSP in some cases


Can universal life insurance be a retirement savings tool, more effective than the RRSP? In this article, my colleague Asher Tward offers up his views on when and how life insurance policies can be used to save for retirement:

UL May Trump Life Insurance, In Some Cases”

By: Al Emid for (March 19, 2010)

“The RRSP may be the most familiar retirement saving strategy, but it might no longer be the automatic choice. The popularity of the RRSP mushroomed when investors had few other tax shelters available, but the financial landscape has changed, and the well-rounded advisor knows there are other options.

Tax-Free Savings Accounts are an obvious tool for generating tax-advantaged retirement income, but other strategies might rely on various insurance products that now offer tax-planning options.

Under certain circumstances, universal life insurance may offer a more effective tax-advantaged strategy than RRSP contributions, suggests Asher Tward, vice-president, estate planning at Toronto-based TriDelta Financial Inc.” READ MORE AT SOURCE…


[IN THE NEWS] Newly Conservative Investors Pull on the Reins


In this article, Marjo Johne interviews myself and many other financial advisors, and we all agree: if you have a diversified portfolio, you’re protected against the recession. Scared investors should not be pulling their money out of the markets right now. Read more to find out why:

Newly Conservative Investors Pull on the Reins”

By: Marjo Johne, special to the Globe and Mail (November 25, 2009)

“…While she advocates prudent investing, Ms. Talavera-Siao says Canadians who have become too cautious with their money risk losing out on growth opportunities and paying too much for the privilege of putting their money in capital-preserving vehicles.

Ted Rechtshaffen, president and CEO of TriDelta Financial, agrees. He cites three reasons why investors should be more confident today” READ MORE AT SOURCE…


[IN THE NEWS] How to Manage Your Finances After Losing Your Job


In this Globe and Mail article, Rob Carrick interviews myself to provide tips on how to manage your finances after losing your job. Read on to find out the four step to managing your finances during unemployment:

What to Do When the Axe Falls

By: Rob Carrick at the Globe and Mail (April 7, 2009)

The monthly report on unemployment is the recession’s casualty list, but with numbers instead of names.

We’ll get a fresh dose of numbers later this week when the March unemployment rate is announced. What should you do if your job was just cut – or if you foresee this happening soon? Let’s get some advice from financial planner Ted Rechtshaffen, who has had to counsel some of his clients lately about job loss. READ  MORE AT SOURCE…