TriDelta Bank Mutual Fund Savings Program

If you own $250,000 or more in mutual funds from the Big Banks:

  • We can guarantee you a better return without changing your portfolio.
  • We can provide you the exact same mutual funds, but with lower fees – often saving you over $1,000 a year.
  • Not only that, but we can provide lower fees while giving you access to a team of professionals available to answer your financial questions.
  • We might even be able to make some of your fees tax deductible.
  • Our experts will make recommendations to actively improve your portfolio.

If you have $250,000 or more invested in mutual funds at your bank, you are paying more than you should.

In fact, you could hold the exact same mutual funds at TriDelta Financial, and pay over $1,500 a year less in fees.

If this sounds too good to be true, let us tell you how we do it.  Your local bank offers the same mutual funds with many different ‘classes’.  The one they offer at the bank is usually called an A Class fund.  This is the fund with the highest annual fee.  The same fund is offered through what is known as fee-based Advisors, but in an F Class version.  The F Class version has an annual fee that is often at least 1% lower than the A Class version but does not pay an Advisor anything.  Advisors earn a living by charging a fee on top of this lower cost F Class fund.  TriDelta Financial will charge a fee that when combined with the F Class fund fee, is lower than what you are paying today for your A Class fund at the bank.  In addition, in some cases, the TriDelta Financial fee is tax deductible, creating meaningful savings to you every year.

This is how we will deliver these savings to you:

Bank A Stock Fund $150,000 2.20% fee $3,300 in fees per year
Bank A Balanced Fund $150,000 2.10% fee $3,150 in fees per year
Bank A Global Stock Fund $150,000 2.50% fee $3,750 in fees per year
TOTAL $450,000 $10,200 in fees per year

At TriDelta Financial

Bank A Stock Fund – F Class $150,000 1.10% fee $1,650 in fees per year
Bank A Balanced Fund- F Class $150,000 1.00% fee $1,500 in fees per year
Bank A Global Stock Fund – F Class $150,000 1.35% fee $2,025 in fees per year
TriDelta Fee $450,000 0.75% fee $3,375 in fees per year
TOTAL $8,550 in fees per year
SAVINGS $1,650 in fees per year

In addition to this annual savings, you would have the personal services of a top industry Wealth Advisor. All of our Specialists have either a Certified Financial Planning (CFP) designation, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), or a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. In some cases, we have all three.

The annual savings could be even larger if you hold any investments in taxable (non-registered accounts). In those cases, the TriDelta fee can be tax deductible, possibly saving up to $1,700 MORE in the example above.

To read more about how we can provide these savings, this article will provide an overview:

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