How long will I live?

liveWe thought you would enjoy this very quick and easy life span calculator, which if nothing else will shift your focus and make you aware of the approximate number of years you have to live:
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Any which way you look at it, life is too short and we must learn to love life, each and every day as if it was the last. We help our clients find perspective and balance by having them complete our ‘Creation of true wealth’ questionnaire, which will hopefully get you thinking about how you’re living and if any changes should be made.

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Here is an excerpt from the TriDelta questionnaire:

We all seek it, but very few of us are fortunate enough to grasp the sense of ‘true wealth’. We are not referring so much to the amount of money you have, but to the achievement of true contentment with your life.

A major stumbling block to achieving this is that our lives are very complex. For this reason we need to divide it into manageable sections, which make it possible for us to decide how we wish to live and what it is that we wish to accomplish in our lives.

We believe that to be happy you must have dreams. Success, however, generally requires a plan. It is with this in mind that we partner with you to develop, implement and monitor a plan to ensure your dreams become reality….

Anton Tucker
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