“How do I know my investment advisor isn’t biased by commission rates?”

At TriDelta we work for you. Your goals are our goals, and when you make money we make money. Our fees are a function of the amount of investment, not the type. As an independent company, we do not benefit from selling one particular product over another. Recommendations by our financial planners are based solely on your needs and preference.

“What does it all cost?”

Research has shown that the majority of Canadians are unaware of the fees that they are charged for investment services. We believe in making it clear.

Investment TriDelta Fee Average fee for Canadian Balanced Fund (with load)*
First $500,000 Invested 1.69% per year 2.15% per year
Next $500,000 Invested 1.35% per year 2.15% per year
Next $4 million Invested 0.99% per year 2.15% per year
Investment in excess of $5 million 0.75% per year 2.15% per year
*Investor Economics
TriDelta Financial investment client minimum is $500,000 for a household.
The annual fee that we charge on your money in non-registered accounts can be tax deductible†.
†A tax professional can provide guidance for your particular situation.