TriDelta Partnership Fee

If you lose money, you don’t pay

  • Introducing a new way to work with a financial partner – the TriDelta Partnership Fee.
  • We heard from many investors who are very frustrated that they still have to pay fees even when they lose money.
  • The TriDelta Partnership Fee was developed to fix this industry problem.

When is the last time you heard that from your investment advisor?

Do they truly share in your success or your failure?

Today, Financial Advisors make their money whether you win, lose or break even on your investments. Is that a real Partnership?

At TriDelta Financial, we put our money where our mouth is. If you lose money, you don’t pay.

What does this mean? In most cases, Canadians with over $500,000 in investments are paying between 1% and 2% for investment management.

You always pay management fees, whether you win or lose.

At TriDelta Financial, we are very confident in our investment management. Because of this confidence, we are willing to return our fee if you lose money in a year. On the other hand, if you earn more than 7% in a year, TriDelta Financial will earn a Performance Bonus.

This is true Partnership. When you win, we win. When you lose, we lose.

Isn’t it time you finally Partnered with a Wealth Advisor instead of simply paying fees in good times and bad times?

All of our Wealth Advisors have either a Certified Financial Planning (CFP) designation, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), or a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. In some cases, we have all three.

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