Tales from the Financial ‘Hood: September 12, 2011


Welcome to our first edition of Tales from the Financial ‘Hood, a new segment on our blog. In these segments, we will share with you  articles and blog entries on financial planning from various parts of the web. All of the entries will be informative, but we will also pick some fun and light-hearted articles to give you a break from all the seriousness of personal finance.

We hope you like the articles featured!

In the Financial ‘Hood:

1.  Boomer and Echo writes about “What To Do With Paper Clutter.” Learn which documents you need to keep for one month, one year, seven years, until you sell or even forever. A great resource to get better organized.

2. Miranda at Financial Highway shares “45 Ways to Save Money.  Ranked as small, medium and big savings, this article explores ideas that range from coupon-clipping all the way to refinancing your home.

3. Million Dollar Journey shares “Top 5 Pension Myths.A great read for anybody with a pension!

4. And finally, Rob Carrick, a personal finance columnist for over 10 years, makes a slideshow about the things he still doesn’t understand about personal finance.