[IN THE NEWS] Does Your Child Need Life Insurance?


In this Globe and Mail article, Shelley White writes about whether you should consider life insurance for you children. She speaks to our vice president of Estate Planning, Asher Tward, as well as Tom Drake of the Canadian Finance Blog to present different sides of the issue:

Does your child need life insurance?

By:  Shelley White at the Globe and Mail (October 19, 2011)

In the first week of September, I received a surprising handout from my kids’ school – a pamphlet about getting life insurance for your children.

I tossed it into the recycling, thinking why the heck would I ever get life insurance for my kids? It seemed morbid and useless and a waste of money, frankly.

The value of life insurance for children is a subject of some debate. While some financial experts say it’s totally unnecessary, others see it as a useful way to ensure wealth and peace of mind for your offspring.”  READ  MORE AT SOURCE…