[IN THE NEWS] The Richest Folks in the Graveyard


Classic Canadian Retirees, who have been used to saving all their lives may die with millions due to their frugal habits. Jonathan Chevreau interviews me on this demographic. Read on to find out if you’re a Classic Canadian Retiree, and what you should do about it.

The Richest Folks in the Graveyard

By:  Jonathan Chevreau, the Financial Post


As we have related in recent columns, too many “working Joes” are not taking full advantage of RRSPs. This means that if they can’t envisage living on the standard government pensions, they may need to work full- or part-time well into their 60s.


But at the other extreme are a minority of “super savers” so accustomed to being frugal they may die with millions. Call them classic Canadian retirees, or CCRs. READ  MORE AT SOURCE…