TriDelta Value

At TriDelta we work for you, your goals are our goals, and when you make money, we make money.

You deserve superior services and performance, and we believe that includes low expenses. Every dollar you keep is more money that will contribute to future growth. You should accept nothing less.

The Financial Plan Basic Financial Plan with a focus on how much you should be saving for retirement and the right asset mix for investments. Full Financial Plan aimed at building client’s overall net worth and achieving both long term and short term goals.
The Product The Product tends to drive the discussion.  This leads to very narrow discussions of your financial needs and occasionally puts you into the wrong product for your needs. We look at the ‘product’ after the solution, but ensure that you have access to virtually all investment, insurance, debt or other products to ensure that you have the best solution for your needs.
Other Services Rarely offered We can be your Family Chief Financial Officer.  Both using solutions from TriDelta or by partnering with a lawyer or accountant, we can provide you full financial answers for all of your questions and needs.
Other Savings Rarely offered Strong potential to reduce clients lending and insurance costs, often by as much as $1,000+ per year.
The Cost Average annual after-tax cost for $800,000 investment portfolio is $20,240**. Average annual after-tax cost for $800,000 investment portfolio is $9,200*.

* Based on average annual after tax costs for a $800,000 client with a growth oriented portfolio, and 70% in non-registered assets. Tax benefit will be impacted by client’s income, province, investment mix. Clients should consult a tax professional to determine their individual tax deductions. **Based on the 2.53% average MER on a Canadian equity fund (with load) according to Investor Economics

The bottom line is significant savings for TriDelta Financial clients. For an $800,000 client with a typical mutual fund portfolio, this can result in after-tax savings of over $11,000 a year.