Reasons to Work With TriDelta Financial

Many Canadians deserve better from their financial service providers.

Unfortunately, many of us are over charged, under serviced, given biased advice, and seldom provided a co-ordinated financial plan.

As financial service veterans who have seen the industry from the inside, we have built TriDelta Financial to address these issues in 6 key ways.

1Our Wealth Advisors all share three traits – professionalism, integrity and client focus. They are Certified Financial Planners, representing the highest professional designation in the Financial Planning industry. At TriDelta Financial they have the freedom to truly act in their clients’ best interest.
2We work for you and get paid accordingly. Our Wealth Advisors are paid a salary and receive a bonus that is based in large part on keeping clients happy. Our goal is to do good work for clients so that they will be clients for many years, and that they will tell others about their positive experience. The better job we do at that, the more our Wealth Advisors are paid
3Our Wealth Advisors are like the ‘Family Doctor’.Our approach is similar to that found with your Family Doctor and the Specialists that you might be referred to. The TriDelta Wealth Advisor works with you to help you reach your dreams by building a plan with you. They have strong knowledge across investments, insurance, debt management, estate and tax planning. However, even with this knowledge, it is impossible to have the same depth as someone who specializes in one of these areas. As a result, we have partnered with industry leading specialists in each of these disciplines to deliver the best solutions to you.


4Through our Wealth Advisors, you will receive a co-ordinated plan and advice. Most Canadians have one or two people looking at their investments, another one or two people looking after insurance, someone else advising on a mortgage, etc. Unfortunately, without a co-ordinated view, many Canadians don’t have an aligned financial strategy and can miss out on significant opportunities to build their net worth.
5We provide greater value at half the cost in many cases. If you are currently investing in mutual funds, our total fees for financial planning and investment management can be much lower than what you currently pay. In addition, on non-registered accounts our fees are tax deductible, providing significant added value.
6We offer access to the best product solutions regardless of company. This means that whether you are looking for investments, insurance or a mortgage, our only concern is finding the best solution for you, not to sell any particular product.