summer 2010 issue
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Mortgage Highlights
5 Year Closed:   4.19%
5 Year Variable: 1.90%
Best Insurance

At TriDelta we offer Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Disability Insurance from virtually every provider in Canada. We also have the expertise to answer all of your questions and to build a plan that is right for your needs.

As with all clients, we ensure that your insurance solutions are not stand alone but integrated into your overall financial plan.

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Dear reader,
The World Cup soccer, Wimbledon, BP oil spill and the G20 marks the start of our summer this year and what a start its been. Controversy reigns and opinions are varied, which seems to be our new reality. The question is whether or not we can escape the woes of the world?

Our summer newsletter provides some perspective to the current stock market turmoil, how best to plan for a happy retirement, the problem with mortgage insurance and why you should take more interest in your group plan at the office.

Enjoy and happy summer,

TriDelta Financial

What's up with the markets?
Market uncertainty continues.

Bank of Canada governor, Mark Carney says Canada is somewhat sheltered from the problems facing much of the developed world in the wake of the recent recession, but we can't avoid the global shocks altogether.

Despite the fact that Canada's downturn was relatively mild, Carney said no one should underestimate the severity of the recent economic and financial crisis, or the damage it has left behind. "This was the Great Recession" he said.

We asked one of our lead portfolio managers, Bruce Campbell, to provide perspective:
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How to have a happy retirement
At TriDelta Financial we are advocates of holistic advice. We deliver services that satisfy most of the financial needs that will occur in your life. We also encourage clients to plan for all the many non financial related aspects of retirement including health, relationships, spirituality and adventure.

Some people however fail to plan for retirement and end up very disappointed and disillusioned.
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Do you want to protect your lender or your family?
There is a financial path that many Canadians go down. The path I am talking about is mortgage life insurance. Many people don't even know if they have it, but many of you do.

My advice: Don't do it.

When getting a mortgage, you are often told by your banker or mortgage broker, "In order to protect your family from the debt on your house, you should get mortgage life insurance. It's just an easy signature."
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Continued education at TriDelta
bradAt TriDelta Financial we believe in ongoing and active learning to ensure we remain on the cutting edge. This ensures our ability to efficiently manage and build your wealth.

Every year we encourage and support team members to undertake additional learning in addition to our above average planner qualifications

We congratulate Brad Mol, Senior Financial Planner on his recent success in attaining the Chartered Professional (Ch.P.) Strategic Wealth designation. This exclusive designation sets him apart as a trusted financial consultant with exceptional wealth management expertise. In fact Brad is one of only five financial professionals in the Oakville region to have successfully obtained this designation.

The Chartered Professional (Ch.P.) Strategic Wealth designation is earned by those who are able to help wealthier Canadians to achieve their broad financial goals. This covers investments, tax, trusts, insurance, corporations, and related areas that are key to serving the broad financial needs of wealthy Canadians.

Brad is only one of five in the whole of the Oakville region to successfully obtain this designation.
Why you should pay more attention to your group RRSP
Meredith Brown wanted to make sure that her company had the best group RSP possible.

As vice-president of human resources and national operations for Coinamatic, she guided her company through a review of its plan options early last year that led Coinamatic to switch providers. "We discovered that there were significant advantages available, such as broader investment choice and significantly lower management fees," Ms. Brown said. "We also now have greater employee support and planning advice with our new providers."
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