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Dear reader,

Welcome to Spring!

We have another jam packed issue featuring articles on the equity market outlook and our fixed income strategy in the face of rising interest rates as early as Summer 2010.

Tax issues are also a prominent feature and we provide a few last minute 'money saving' ideas.

We examine why some of us may be better investing in life insurance rather than an RRSP and encourage business owners to consider holding insurance within the corporation to achieve significant savings.

We also provide a perspective on living a better life, allocating extra money and as always a few great reading ideas.

Enjoy and be well,

TriDelta Financial

Market outlook and fixed income strategy
TriDelta investment portfolio manager, Bruce Campbell
After a 7% correction in January, the TSX bounced back nicely as it rallied more than 500pts in February despite some lower volumes through the Olympics. In fact, after a strong start to March, the TSX is up on the year.

We believe the markets will continue to grind higher with a few measured corrections along the way.
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Five tax saving ideas to discuss with your accountant
Many people visit their accountants at this time of year. Here are five tax savings ideas that you may want to bring up for discussion:
  1. Drive your way to tax savings
  2. Pension sharing
  3. Get the most out of your home office
  4. The Canada Child Tax Benefit - don't forget to apply
  5. The Disability tax credit certificate - eligibility may be easier than you realize
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To Have An Amazing Life, Embrace Risk
By Esther Bartkiw
Did you know that Walt Disney's first company went bankrupt? Instead of giving up he moved to Hollywood with 20 dollars and a suitcase to start a new business. Disney believed in himself and his ideas.
It turned out to be a very good risk.

Michael Jordan was cut from his Sophomore Varsity basketball team for being too short. He stuck with the game and ended up one of the best basketball players in the world.
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Why use a tax professional?
tax form
Can you believe it's tax season already? Please note that the deadline to submit your 2009 tax return is April 30, 2010.

We posed the question, why it is important to use a tax professional to a highly rated local company and received the following response:
Why use a tax professional?
Tax laws can be complicated and change frequently. Your unique situation also changes year to year. Using a professional tax consultant ensures you pay as little tax as possible. They dig into your financial situation and are trained to find all the applicable credits available and ensure fast accurate filing.
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Paying substantially less for your insurance
If you own an incorporated company, consider buying your life insurance within the company and benefit from the tax savings.

A business owner's succession plan should include a strategy to fund outstanding business and tax liabilities following death. Life insurance often plays a pivotal role in providing the immediate cash needed at that time. An important consideration when establishing personal insurance is whether to own it personally or have the corporation own it.
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What should I do with an extra dollar?
How your current financial advisors' answer will tell you if they are the right advisor for you.

A typical financial challenge for individuals comes down to the very basic question "How should I spend an extra dollar?"
The best way to determine if a financial advisor is on your side is to ask for their advice on this fundamental question. To make it more interesting, it might be an extra $10,000.
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An alternate to RRSP investing

The RRSP may be the most familiar retirement saving strategy, but it might no longer be the automatic choice. The popularity of the RRSP mushroomed when investors had few other tax shelters available, but the financial landscape has changed, and the well-rounded advisor knows there are other options.

Tax-Free Savings Accounts are an obvious tool for generating tax-advantaged retirement income, but other strategies might rely on various insurance products that now offer tax-planning options.

Under certain circumstances, universal life insurance may offer a more effective tax-advantaged strategy than RRSP contributions, suggests Asher Tward, vice-president, estate planning at Toronto-based TriDelta Financial Inc.

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Some great reading ideas
great books
Food Rules by Michael Pollan
The Postmistress by Sarah Blake
Open by Andre Agassi
Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne
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