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At TriDelta we offer Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Disability Insurance from virtually every provider in Canada. We also have the expertise to answer all of your questions and to build a plan that is right for your needs.

As with all clients, we ensure that your insurance solutions are not stand alone but integrated into your overall financial plan.

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Dear reader,

As the end of 2009 draws closer, it is time to cover off those things you promised to get to during the year....including those financial decisions.

We are pleased to include a market update, an important year-end checklist and ideas on how to cope with job loss.

We uncover a powerful 'risk free' investment strategy for older investors, revisit effective ways to donate for maximum benefit and the ever popular book review featuring Winnie-the-pooh.

Lastly we discuss why you should get involved in revamping your company group RRSP or pension plan.

Enjoy and be well,

TriDelta Financial

Our Investment Round Table
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The investment markets continue to perform very well considering the recent global economic meltdown. The TSX is up significantly from the March low although still 3000 points below it's all time high.

We asked our various investment management partners for their opinions and provide a few highlights:

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Year-end financial checklist
Here is a list of important money saving ideas most of which are time sensitive:

Open a Tax-Free Savings Account.
Since January 1, 2009, Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) provide an effective saving option for all Canadian residents 18 and over. You can contribute up to $5,000 per year. Though your contributions to this new type of tax-assisted savings account will not be tax-deductible, the investment income and capital gains earned on investments in the account will be tax-free.

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Job Loss: A key time to adjust all aspects of your financial plan

As the October 2009 unemployment rate in Canada hits 8.6% it is likely we know someone who has been directly affected.

Here is a checklist for those of you at risk of job loss, or to pass onto a friend or family member.

The impact of job loss is significant and will affect your lifestyle, personal well being and relationships, not to mention your financial planning (cash flow, investment risk, tax planning, insurance, legal issues and retirement planning).

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Consider investing in segregated funds

Once in a while we uncover a great strategy. Sometimes they are based on tax opportunities, or long term investment 'truths', but this idea simply leverages the features inherent in segregated funds to suit the needs of older and/or not so healthy clients. Here is one that you will really like.

More than most, older retired Canadians are fearful of a bear market.

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Charitable donations on steroids

Firstly let's review the basic tax treatment of donations. The federal tax credit for qualifying charitable donations is 15.5% of the first $200 and 29% of the balance. Any unused charitable donations can be carried forward for five years and spouses are allowed to combine charitable donations and claim them on one tax return. In Ontario, when provincial credits are combined with federal, total donations over $200 will qualify for a 40% credit - meaning for every dollar donated, you will receive 40 cents back.

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Book Review

Here are four great reads for you to enjoy.

Don't just Retire. Live it, Love it!
Return to the Hundred Acre Wood
The Last Boleyn

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Does your company 'group RRSP' need fixing?

Many of us work for companies and participate in their group RRSP or pension plan. This is a great perk, but many plans are simply not structured efficiently. If you suspect that your company plan 'needs fixing', let us know and we will be more than happy to review.

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