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April 2008 Issue:
Investment update
What our clients are saying
I am my world
Should I refinance my mortgage?
Charitable donation calculator
Current mortgage rates
Contact Information
Ted Rechtshaffen
President & CEO

Phone: (416) 733-3292
Email: tedr@tridelta.ca
Website:  www.tridelta.ca
TriDelta Mortgage Highlights
  • 5 Year Closed - 5.59%
  • 5 Year Variable - 4.15%
Rates are subject to change and
credit approval.
Strong Investment Returns with TriDelta Partners to Dec 31, 2007
1 Yr 3 Yr 5 Yr 7 Yr
Balanced: 4.1 10.5 12.0 9.1
Large Cap Eq: 3.3 12.9 14.4 10.8
Small Cap Eq: 1.0 12.3 14.9 9.7
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Best Insurance Rates
At TriDelta we offer Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Disability Insurance from virtually every provider in Canada. We also have the expertise to answer all of your questions and to build a plan that is right for your needs.

As with all clients, we ensure that your insurance solutions are not a stand alone but are integrated into your overall financial plan.

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Our April newsletter includes a number of interesting items starting with a timely market update from one of our key investment partners, Bruce Campbell. A must read if you monitor the markets.

Other stories let you know what our clients are saying about us, which might encourage you to join our family. You may also enjoy the practical advice on how important our everyday thoughts are...yes, thoughts. This exclusive article by world renowned author Elfreda Pretorius will fascinate, if not change your life.

We also introduce our, "should I refinance" calculator, which is very timely now that rates have dropped even further to 4.75% (prime). Another useful tool is our donation planner, which helps quantify how much people can afford to donate. Can you help us get this tool to your favorite charity?

Be well,
Ted Rechtshaffen
Investment update
Investment manager, Bruce Campbell

The quarter ended up much better in Canada than it looked in mid-January and rallied to only -2.8% for Toronto (close to the best in the world) and -9.9% in New York (close to the worst!). Given the economic environment, these small losses aren't bad at all. We have stayed away from the U.S. still but are definitely beginning to look as there are pockets of value that do exist. Also, the first half of April has recovered 4% or so thus far making for positive returns for the year, albeit not big ones.

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What our clients are saying about us:

TriDelta, I want to thank you for helping me restructure my finances. Your partner referrals were also great to work with. Thanks again for a job very well done.

Gord, Mississauga

It is important to find a financial advisor that is not only knowledgeable about financial/estate planning, but whom we trust and develop a long-term working relationship. We have known Anton for a number of years and although we weren't one of his clients we developed gradually over time to a professional relationship. Anton was able to listen and effectively communicate ways to minimize our investment risk. He also gave us the opportunity to meet one of TriDelta's investment partners face to face. This gave us the opportunity to personally hear his investment strategy and philosophy, and to ask questions. Eventually, we decided to switch to TriDelta.

We were somewhat surprised at the detailed information that TriDelta asked us to complete in the Financial Planning Questionnaire; however, it was well worth the effort. TriDelta provided us a very thorough report on our current financial/estate situation and showed us our projected growth while taking into account our future plans and expenses. In addition, TriDelta identified areas in our overall estate planning that could be improved and recommended ways to do so as a means to increase our overall wealth.

Tony & Sonja
The Law of Correspondence - I am my world
Elfreda Pretorius, author of
Stop Struggling and Start Living. The Rules of the Game

"You're fired!" This is Donald Trump at his very best, puckered-up face, almost hissing as he points that dismissive finger. Why? Because Trump is looking to match his protégée's mindset to his own, and his own is programmed to make billions. His thoughts and beliefs about money have always stayed the course and he therefore attracts and creates it. This he does by law, the Law of Correspondence.

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Should I refinance my mortgage now? - Find out by using our calculator

The Bank of Canada slashed it's key interest rate by half a percentage point last Tuesday. Big banks then followed by reducing their prime lending rates to 4.75%. The reduction leads to immediate savings for those who have variable rate mortgages (or lines of credit), but what about people who locked in their mortgages for a fixed term? The extent of the rate cuts may well make it worthwhile breaking your contract, paying     
the penalty and refinancing to take advantage of these very attractive rates. We may be able to help you save thousands. To find out simply plug in your details using our new "should I refinance" calculator, see www.tridelta.ca.
Charitable Networking Request
Help Us, Help You, Help the World

At TriDelta Financial Partners we look beyond the spreadsheets and investment returns and look at the world around all of us to see how we can all make it better. We recently launched an innovated tool called the TriDelta Donation Planner, to help individuals discover the benefits of donating to charity. It should also end up increasing the amount people give to charity. We have found few have used of this tool as     
it is not very widely known. We have partnered with some charities that have it being used through there donation site, and we would like to see many more charities benefit from this tool. We are asking you to let us know of anyone you know that works for a charitable organization or foundation that raises money and introduce us to them so we may discuss the benefits of this tool for their charity.

Click here to see and use the TriDelta Donation Planner.

Please forward the names and contact info to Frank Wiginton, frank@tridelta.ca.
Current mortgage rates

1 Year 5.00% 6.95%
2 Year 5.50% 7.00%
3 Year 5.25% 7.00%
4 Year 5.79% 6.85%
5 Year 5.59% 6.99%
7 Year 6.20% 7.40%
10 Year 6.25% 7.75%
Variable Rate Prime less.60% 4.75 (prime)