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Investment Update - Market Turmoil
Are you a Classic Canadian Retiree (CCR)?
Before Investing in Private Equity - Key Questions to Ask
Strong Investment Performance
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Best Insurance Rates
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Ted Rechtshaffen
President & CEO

Phone: (416) 512-8338
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Strong Investment Returns with TriDelta Partners to Dec 31, 2006
6 Year returns beat the TSX by almost 4%
1 Year 3 Year 6 Year
Total Equity: 13.2% 16.7% 10.2%
Small Cap Equity: 12.2% 19.2% 12.4%
Balanced: 10.8% 14.2% 9.6%
TSX: 14.5% 16.3% 6.3%
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TriDelta Mortgage Specials
5 Year Fixed Mortgage - 5.00%
($500,000+ balance)

5 Year Fixed Mortgage - 5.05%
($350,000 - $500,000 balance)

Variable Rate Mortgage - 5.05%
(any balance)

Rates are subject to change and
credit approval.
Best Insurance Rates
At TriDelta we offer Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Disability Insurance from virtually every provider in Canada. We also have the expertise to answer all of your questions and to build a plan that is right for your needs.

As with all clients, we ensure that your insurance solutions are not a stand alone but are integrated into your overall financial plan.

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Contact Information
Ted Rechtshaffen
President & CEO

Phone: (416) 512-8338
Email: tedr@tridelta.ca
Website:  www.tridelta.ca

We are often asked - "how is TriDelta different?". We welcome the question because we are very different. We set out to build a business model that takes the entire client situation into consideration ahead of making any specific decisions on investing, insurance, mortgage or estate planning solutions.

This month we have been getting a lot of attention in the National Post, the Globe and Mail and on radio and TV - in fact there is an article in the Globe & Mail today (click here to view the articles). The reason in large part is that we bring a different perspective than the big banks and mutual fund companies.

Canadians are tired of hearing the same old "invest or else" message, and want more holistic and personal financial advice.

In this issue, we discuss this week’s market turmoil, the 'Classic Canadian Retiree', and the key things to watch out for before you invest in private equity.

It's the beginning of March - spring can't be far away!!!

Ted Rechtshaffen
Investment Update - Market Turmoil

Markets have been very shaky this week, and each morning brings with it the possibility of a strong rally or another meltdown.

The reality of investing is that over the long term, markets always go up. Over the medium term, markets usually go up. Over the very short term, it is anybody's guess.

The closest parallel to this week came in October 1997 when there was a major sell-off in Asia, and as the markets opened across the world, each reacted with a significant decline. The question is - what happened next?

Both the Toronto and New York markets went on to have 2 and a half very strong years. The message is that if corporate earnings are strong, do not panic sell on a bad day. There is always money on the sidelines waiting to buy things cheaply. This is especially true in Canada in March, when so much RRSP money has just entered the market.

This doesn't suggest that the volatility will go away any day soon, but simply that a well-diversified portfolio allows you some peace of mind that things will be OK. At TriDelta Financial Partners, we understand risk and work very hard to ensure that except for the most aggressive clients, diversification is a hallmark.

We remain most concerned with consistent performance over time. The six year performance numbers (which beat the TSX by 4%) detailed on the left hand side illustrates our value and enables the all important 'financial peace of mind' we promise.
Are you a Classic Canadian Retiree (CCR)?
If so, you may be paying far too much tax

Have you worked hard for a lifetime in order to look after your family and your personal retirement? Today, are you in reasonably good financial shape, your children are all grown, your mortgage paid, and you are retired? You might just be a Classic Canadian Retiree (CCR).

How do you know if you might be a CCR? If you answer yes to at least four of the
five questions below, you are probably a CCR and you are probably paying significantly more tax than you need to.

  1. In retirement, do you still bring in more income than you spend in a year? This would include government pensions, company pensions, investment income and any RIF income.
  2. Do you own your own house with no mortgage?
  3. Are you and/or your spouse in reasonable health for your age?
  4. Do you have non-registered investment assets greater than $100,000?
  5. Are you or your spouse aged between 55 and 75?
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Before Investing in Private Equity - Key Questions to Ask

Written by David Ellison, a securities and corporate finance lawyer with Goodman and Carr LLP in Toronto.

In recent years, changes have been made to securities laws to make it easier for private start-up companies to raise money from "accredited investors" those with high income or high net worth. While the opportunity to "get in on the ground
floor" by investing in emerging businesses may seem enticing with the possibility of an incredible return on investment, investing in start-up companies can be a very risky proposition for most. The common rule of thumb is that for every start-up company that succeeds there are nine others that don't. Accordingly, an investment in a private company must always be viewed as "an all or nothing" venture.

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