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Will You Outlive Your Money?
How to Achieve True Wealth
Natural Gas Heating Contracts
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Ted Rechtshaffen
President & CEO

Phone: (416) 512-8338
TriDelta Mortgage Specials!!!
5 Year Fixed Mortgage - 5.10%
(if you have a $500,000+ balance)

5 Year Fixed Mortgage - 5.15%
(if you have a $350,000 - $500,000 balance)

Variable Rate Mortgage - 5.10%
(any balance)

Rates are subject to change and credit approval.
Current Mortgage Rates:
Term Our Rates Bank Rates
6 Month 5.75% 6.10%
1 Year 5.40% 6.55%
2 Year 5.35% 6.60%
3 Year 5.29% 6.65%
4 Year 5.31% 6.75%
5 Year 5.29% 6.85%
7 Year 5.55% 7.00%
10 Year 5.70% 7.25%
Historic 5 Year Mortgage Rates
(Bank of Canada)
Today            5.30%
2004 5.78%
2002 6.62%
2000 8.34%
1995 10.60%
1990 12.01%
1985 12.44%
1980 13.26%
1975 11.81%
1970 10.58%
1965 6.90%
1960 7.30%
1955 6.00%
July 2005 was the lowest rate
since 1951
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Contact Information
Ted Rechtshaffen
President & CEO

Phone: (416) 512-8338
Dear Reader,

The Fall is upon us and we are reminded of our ever changing environment. This change is much the same as our evolving lives and should act as a reminder for us to plan for these events. Regardless of our life stage; early adulthood, marriage, starting a family, raising our kids, approaching retirement, or planning our financial legacy, we need to plan. At TriDelta Financial Partners we are built to help in all of these areas and constantly strive to introduce new planning tools.

One brand new tool we have built is the TriDelta Estate 100. For many clients, if they know they will have much more money than they need, they can start thinking about what to do with those extra funds. The TriDelta Estate 100 can help you answer that first question - will you have "extra" money.

We also have an article which asks the question "How to Achieve True Wealth?". You might be surprised at the answer. We hope you enjoy this issue of the TriDelta Insight.

Ted Rechtshaffen
Will You Outlive Your Money? - Launching the TriDelta Estate 100

We have recently launched the TriDelta Estate 100 tool on our website (

The tool essentially answers the question "Will You Outlive Your Money?"

We had a Report on Business TV appearance on this topic, and had
2,000 visitors to our website. To view our ROB TV appearance, click here.

Given all the issues around longer life expectancy, disappearance of corporate pensions, etc., this question is becoming more relevant every day.

For some people the results will shock them - either because they are really at risk - or in the sense that they will have a very large estate, and have no worries about outliving their money.

[read more]  [run the calculator]
How to Achieve True Wealth
By Anton Tucker, VP, TriDelta Financial Partners

We all seek it, but very few of us are fortunate enough to grasp the sense of 'true wealth'. I am not referring so much to the amount of money you have, but to achieving contentment in your life.

To find the answer as I see it, I will take you on a short journey and demonstrate why your best efforts to date might not have delivered on your aspirations and dreams. I will show you how I can help you achieve it.

[read the whole article]
Natural Gas Heating Contracts

"Is now a good time to lock in to Natural Gas prices for our home?"

We asked Bruce Campbell - President of Campbell & Lee Investment Managers - and one of our investment managers, to answer the question. Bruce: "Choosing the right time to lock in your natural gas price for your home heating needs is always tricky. Storage facilities in North America are going to be full in the next month. This suggests that prices for gas are going to bottom shortly. In fact, prices are $5.00 per million cubic feet right now, having peaked near $15.00 last winter. It takes a little while for prices to flow through the system but sometime this Fall is likely the right time to fix prices for as long as you can. The energy-usage equivalent of oil to gas is about 6 to 1. At current prices, the ratio is 14:1, meaning that gas is priced way too low for the amount of energy that it provides. Once the surplus is taken care of (3 to 6 months is my best guess), gas prices will increase back towards at least $7-8.00 per mcf."

This all suggests that the contract prices should be coming down - as they lag the actual price. If in the next few months you can lock in a 5 year contract for under 30 cents/cubic meter, you should consider doing it.

To get the best rates on home heating contracts, check out the following website: