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5 Reasons to Get Your Mortgage Through Us
Are You Happy With Your Bank?
Contact Information
Ted Rechtshaffen
President & CEO

Phone: (416) 512-8338
Current Mortgage Rates:
Term Our Rates Bank Rates
6 Month 5.75% 5.99%
1 Year 5.20% 6.35%
2 Year 5.20% 6.40%
3 Year 5.25% 6.45%
4 Year 5.30% 6.55%
5 Year 5.30% 6.75%
7 Year 5.39% 7.00%
10 Year 5.55% 7.50%
Variable 2.00% intro 5.50%
Historic 5 Year Mortgage Rates
(Bank of Canada)
Today            5.30%
2004 5.78%
2002 6.62%
2000 8.34%
1995 10.60%
1990 12.01%
1985 12.44%
1980 13.26%
1975 11.81%
1970 10.58%
1965 6.90%
1960 7.30%
1955 6.00%
July 2005 was the lowest rate
since 1951
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Contact Information
Ted Rechtshaffen
President & CEO

Phone: (416) 512-8338
Can Your Bank Do This?

Dear Reader,

With extra time over the summer, many of us look at improving relationships. One relationship that could use a lot of work for many people is the relationship they have with their bank. Of course, my biased suggestion is that you should cut your losses, end the relationship and find someone who can provide better overall service, knowledge, rates, and solutions. The reality is that we are very proud of how well we match up against the banks. The reason is that we can look at your whole financial picture to find solutions, and then implement it on a personal basis with the best products across investments, insurance and mortgages. Can your bank do this? In fact, we have just launched TriDelta Mortgage Solutions to provide you with better choice and rates. Give us a call if you want a review of your current financial situation, and see how we can provide a better relationship for you.

Have a great summer!!

Ted Rechtshaffen
TriDelta Mortgage Solutions
5 Reasons to Get Your Mortgage Through Us

We are pleased to announce the launch of TriDelta Mortgage Solutions - an agent of The Mortgage Centre - Mortgage Professionals Inc.

At TriDelta Mortgage Solutions, we are different than your bank in 5 key ways:

1.     We will work with over 25 mortgage companies to find the best solution and rates for you. The bank works with one.
2.     Through our Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) we will help you make smart decisions on borrowing, prepayment, tax deductibility of interest and ‘putting money in RRSP vs. Paying Down the Mortgage', in the context of your overall financial picture. At the bank, the various specialists often only look at a narrow picture of your financial life.

Claire Corrie - TriDelta Mortgage Specialist
3.     Our mortgage specialist, Claire Corrie, has worked in mortgages for over 20 years, and understands different real estate and interest rate markets. Most Mortgage "specialists" have only seen market values go up and interest rates go down. You deserve greater experience and professionalism.
4.     While we work with any size mortgage, we provide special rates and planning services for mortgages over $250,000. Our solutions are not one size fits all.
5.     We understand business owners and can provide special solutions to ease the credit approval process.

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Are You Happy With Your Bank?

There is more whining about the banks in Canada than there is about the weather, but is it justified?

The best answer depends on whether you're a shareholder or client. Shareholders love the juicy profits and the stream of dividends. Clients are however more cynical and have seen deteriorating service levels, lineups having simply shifted from the counters to the ATM machines with no reduction in service charges.

There is however no question that the banks have been very efficient and proactive in the delivery of on-line banking services, which has simplified our lives. They also provide excellent day-to-day retail banking services. However, when it comes to financial planning, a trusted advisor is essential as is a relationship that will transcend the high turnover levels generally experienced by Canada's large banks.

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