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The New TriDelta Maximizer Strategy
Five Tax Savings Ideas to Discuss With Your Accountant

Fast Facts
Deadline for filing personal income tax is April 30th
Be sure to consolidate any family charitable donations with the highest earning tax payer
Any children turning 19 before April 1, 2007, should apply for the GST credit on their 2005 tax return
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Tax Season

As February turns to March and the tax slips keep arriving, Canadians turn their financial focus from retirement to taxes.

We can make a significant difference on both fronts by boosting available funds tax free.

For those who want to be able to retire early, please read our story on the TriDelta Maximizer strategy. It was recently featured on Report on Business Television, and can generate $300,000 or more after tax for retirement or for older individuals who want to leave additional money to their children or charitable causes.

On the tax front, Saul Judelman, an Accountant with Baratz Judelman in Toronto, wrote a valuable article for us called 5 Tax Saving Ideas to Discuss with Your Accountant.

As always, please feel free to contact me for your investment, insurance, mortgage or financial planning needs.

All the best,
Ted Rechtshaffen
The New TriDelta Maximizer – Turning ‘Dormant’ Money into Significant Wealth

For many middle aged Canadians, their primary financial goal is preparing for retirement. The key question is “Will I have enough money to last throughout my retirement years?” The related question is, “How long must I work before I will be financially able to retire?’”

For some older Canadians who know that they will not outlive their money, the primary financial goal is to pass along as much as possible to their children, grandchildren or favourite causes.

The New TriDelta Maximizer Strategy can generate significant sums to meet both of these key goals, without sacrificing $1 of cash flow, for those fortunate enough to fit the following criteria:

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Five Tax Savings Ideas to Discuss With Your Accountant

Many people visit their accountants at this time of year. Here are five tax savings ideas that you may want to bring up for discussion:
  1. Drive your way to tax savings
  2. Pension sharing
  3. Get the most out of your home office
  4. The Canada Child Tax Benefit – don’t forget to apply
  5. The Disability tax credit certificate – eligibility may be easier than you realize
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