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2006 – A New Year of Opportunity
5 Investment Facts for a Healthy Retirement
What I Have Learned and How You Can Profit From It

Fast Facts
The 2005 RRSP contribution limit is $16,500 for 2005.
The Canadian dollar recently hit a 14 year high of U.S. 87.21 cents.
Remember there is no more foreign content limit for your RRSP.
The Toronto market (S&P/TSX Composite Index) has hit all time highs this month.
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2006 – A New Year of Opportunity

As 2006 is upon us, we all look forward to a new year with hope. At TriDelta Financial Partners, 2006 is looking very exciting.
Among key developments, we now bring TriDelta Insurance Solutions into the TriDelta family under the direction of industry veterans Asher and Josh Tward. This new division shares the TriDelta philosophy of access to all industry products to ensure the best solutions for our clients, and is key to helping us provide co-ordinated financial solutions in a way that few brokers, banks and mutual fund salespeople can match.

In this issue of TriDelta Insight, we focus on Retirement Planning. We also encourage you to get our Free Personal Retirement Report. It takes a minute to complete and will provide you with a quick check on how much you should be saving for retirement, and how much life insurance you should have.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me for any Investment, Insurance, Mortgage or Retirement Planning needs.

Ted Rechtshaffen
5 Investment Facts You Should Know For a Healthy Retirement

At TriDelta Financial Partners, we don’t like to guess when it comes to your money. Unfortunately, we have found that all too often Canadians fail to properly plan. Instead they allow their retirement savings to be based on what is current, hot, or a gut feel from an inexperienced financial “salesperson”.

To help get your retirement plan properly structured we have detailed 5 critical facts for you should know.
  1. Your best interests are not necessarily those of the banks.
  2. Your total asset mix is critical to successful investing.
  3. Global investing outperforms Canadian investing over time.
  4. Tax savings are very important to your retirement.
  5. Retirement Income – Your greatest risk may be taking no risk at all.
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What I Have Learned About Investing And How You Can Profit From It
By Anton Tucker, CFP, FMA, FCSI
VP, TriDelta Financial Partners

The TSX is now at a record high of over 11,600 at the time of writing. Have you ever kicked yourself for not being more aggressive in the stock market? Or after the Nasdaq (technology) meltdown of 2000, do you wish that you hadn’t been quite so heavy in technology? Did you ever curse yourself for buying a mutual fund straight out of the newspaper? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on.

I have been an active participant in the investment business for almost two decades and witnessed first hand the good, bad and ugly effects of ‘investing’. Importantly I have also lived through spectacular ‘bull’ and devastating ‘bear’ markets. Needless to say that most of us have many stories to tell. This story is however not about specific tales, but rather a journey of sorts through my exposure to different forms of investing.

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