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4 Ideas to Build Your Net Worth Today
"What Happens if I Live to be 100?"
Your Lawyer and Financial Planner – A Dynamic Duo
10 Advantages Of A Legal Will
1. You name the executor to legally represent you and your wishes.
2. You name the guardian(s) for your children.
3. You specify the distribution of your estate.
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Did you know that:
A will made before marriage is rendered void by the event of marriage.
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4 Ideas to Build Your Net Worth Today

1. Are you paying 5% or more on your mortgage?
       We can show you how to save significant money through refinancing. Contact us today!

2. Do you mostly invest in mutual funds?
       In many cases we can save you 1% in fees after tax. If you add 1% return to the portfolio of a typical middle class 45 year old, without any other changes, they will have an extra $440,000 when they are 75. If this sounds interesting, contact us to learn more.

3. Are you between the ages of 65 and 75 and in good health?
       If so, contact us to find out about a unique strategy to significantly grow your estate - tax free.

4. Do you have over $10,000 in money market mutual funds?
       We can show you how to make more money today, while maintaining full access to your cash. Contact us to find out more.
"What Happens if I Live to be 100?"

       Between 1979 and 2002, average life expectancy for men rose by 5.8 years (to 77.2 years), and rose for women by 3.3 years (to 82.1 years). At the rate things are going, it will be a regular occurrence for some individuals to live past 100.

From a financial planning perspective, this poses a fundamental question... [read more]
Your Lawyer and Financial Planner –
A Dynamic Duo

By John Zeiler, Real Estate and Estate Planning Lawyer

Everyone would like a simple solution to life’s concerns or problems. Unfortunately, for many people the dynamics of family, health issues, the complexities of taxes, business succession or the evaluation of investments makes this objective a dream rather than a reality. However, there is a way to make these complications much simpler.
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