Rebuilding the world - Winter 2009 Issue
TriDelta Insight
  • The stock market - in recovery mode?
  • Serious money saving ideas:
    » Great ideas to save money on your debt
    » Money saving websites
    » Are you paying too much for insurance?
  • What our clients are saying
  • Lost your job?
  • Optimism is in - see our book review
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Dear reader,

With spring in full bloom, and the great market rebound - everything is literally coming up roses!!

Unfortunately, we think the market has a few more nasty surprises ahead, but are certainly feeling a little better about things.

In this issue of TriDelta Insight, we bring you up to speed on our latest thinking on the market, along with a number of easy ways to save a lot of money - and a selection of book reviews filled with optimism!!

We look forward to helping you, your friends and colleagues with any financial need. Just give us a call.

All the best,

TriDelta Financial Partners

The stock market - recovery unfolding, but don't expect volatility to stop.

We believe it is na´ve to think that stocks will continue to advance at this rapid pace as we enter a historically complacent season for financial markets, and stocks have moved well ahead of their fundamentals.

The recent stock market rally has continued into all of May and we are now up about 13% for the year as we write this. There is a better tone as the markets are moving higher despite a dismal automotive and employment backdrop. As a reminder, we are now seventeen months into this recession and the TSX has been a good relative performer on the global front.

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Serious money saving ideas

Even if the market is starting to recover, the economy continues to challenge and threaten the lifestyle we all enjoy. We have compiled some serious and often overlooked ways to save you significant dollars that may enable you to weather this economic storm:

  1. Great ideas to save money on your debt - borrow at rates as low as 2.85%
  2. Money saving websites
  3. Are you paying too much for insurance?

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What our clients are saying

We have been hearing some very nice things from our clients. Visit our website to see what they had to say.

Lost your job?

If you know someone who has been laid off or is concerned for their job security, they should definitely watch this video. It features Jon Chevreau of the National Post interviewing Ted Rechtshaffen, President of TriDelta Financial. Ted outlines some key financial planning tips for times of rocky employment.

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Great reading ideas

I thought this month I would focus on "optimism" in the book review as there are some news books doing very well this season. Enough reading about doom and gloom and depression economics!

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