Rebuilding the world - Winter 2009 Issue
TriDelta Insight
  • The stock market - 200 years in the making and here to stay
  • Global turmoil - opportunity?
  • RRSP & tax tips
  • What you should know about the Federal Budget
  • Should you refinance your mortgage?
  • What clients say about us
  • Boost your short-term savings interest rate
  • Making sense of aches & pains
  • Great reading ideas
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Dear reader,

Welcome to our winter newsletter, which has a number of interesting and timely articles.

To begin, let's look at the stock market and horrible global economies to find some perspective. The history of stock market trading in the United States can be traced back to over 200 years ago when the colonial government sold bonds to finance the war. Around the same time private banks began to raise money by issuing stocks or shares of the company.

As we all know the markets have endured all sorts of challenges over the years and survived. We remain convinced that this time will be no different.

So where to from here? Well let's start by admitting that this crisis is turning out to be more serious than anyone anticipated. That said, it is now also more difficult to predict the near term future other than to say, normality, as we know it, will return at some point.

The process of rebuilding the world is well underway and as devastating as it is these are the times of greatest opportunity. Read more in our lead article, Global turmoil below.

Please also take the time to glance through the many other articles for RRSP and tax tips, refinancing opportunities, understanding our body aches and uncovering some really good books to read and more.

Enjoy and be well,

TriDelta Financial Partners

The stock market - 200 years in the making and here to stay
U.S. Stock market rolling 10-year average annual total returns

A picture is worth a thousand words...

The US stock market has fluctuated up and down throughout its existence for over 200 years. The Globe & Mail chart of US stock market rolling 10-year average annual total returns says it all:

  • The rolling 10-year average compound rate of return is 8.4%
  • The cycle is constant as it fluctuates between positive and negative return periods
  • Based on 200 years of history we are currently at or near the bottom
  • Opportunity knocks and we can anticipate a trend reversal fairly soon

At TriDelta Financial we are proud of our investment partner's outperformance in 2008. Our manager's benchmark portfolios significantly outperformed the TSX and S&P500, which limited portfolio losses.

We remain conservatively invested yet well positioned in anticipation of the market moving higher ahead of the struggling economy. We remain convinced that the light at the end of the tunnel is growing.

Global turmoil - opportunity?
By Neil Wickham - TriDelta Financial investment portfolio partner

The year 2008 was truly an annus horribilis for financial markets. The economy went into a tailspin late in the year and the Toronto Stock Market had its worst performance since 1931. The S&P/TSX Index for Toronto stocks was down 35.03% from year end 2007 to year end 2008 but the drop was an even more severe when measured from the high to the low for the year. The Index plunged 49.5% from the new all time high reached in mid June to the low for the year in mid November. While Toronto stocks had one of their worst years in history most other world stock markets performed even worse.

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Must do's this RRSP and tax season

The 2008 RRSP contribution deadline is March 2, 2009. No time to waste. Here are a few last minute ideas:

  • Contribute to your RRSP before March 2nd 2009
  • Using spousal RRSPs to your advantage
  • Open your TFSA
  • RRSP - Catch up now
  • Tax efficient allocation
  • Pay down the mortgage or contribute to your RRSP?
  • RESP accounts
  • Donate stocks to charity
  • Pension splitting

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What you should know about the latest government budget

The Canadian 2009 Federal Budget affects us in many ways. Here are the highlights:

  • Federal tax brackets
  • Age credit (for 65 and older)
  • Personal amount, spousal & common-law partner amount and eligible dependant amount
  • Temporary home renovation tax credit
  • First time home buyers' tax credit
  • Canada child tax benefit and national child benefit supplement
  • Home buyers plan
  • RRSP/RRIF losses after death
  • Small business deduction

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To refinance or not refinance your mortgage, is the question
Interest rates could be 8% in 3 years...what would happen to you if this happens?

There are probably many tips people have given to you to help you determine the right time to refinance your home. You may have heard that the interest rate on the new loan must be at least two percent less than the old loan, or it is not a good decision. Another frequently quoted statement is that if your loan is less than two years old, you shouldn't refinance it now.

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What clients say about us
I have been a client of Canada's largest bank for 37 years, but decided to research my options given my imminent retirement. I was pleasantly surprised to find a rather unique business model designed to meet all my financial needs and guide me through this key phase of my life. TriDelta Financial have managed to improve on the bank model by offering comprehensive financial planning combined with unbiased advice and services on investments, insurance, estate planning and more.
John, Mississauga
Great job, TriDelta! There is absolutely no question that TriDelta put together a sound financial plan for us. Thank you for your guidance and support. Together, with your financial expertise and guidance, we hope to achieve our retirement goals.
Harry & Anne, Oakville
...We also wish to thank you both for all your attention, your time, your commitment, your counsel and your hospitality from the beginning of our relationship through the conclusion of this very difficult second half of 2008. If ever you could use our endorsement with potential clients, feel free to have them call us at any time.
Doug & Donna
Thanks you for your help. Claire has been wonderful.
Kristina, Burlington
Thank you, TriDelta Financial, for guiding us through these difficult times. Today you really provided us with an enhanced understanding of our current and future positions in this marketplace turmoil.
Roz & Bob, Toronto
I was more than happy to recommend you. You were so helpful and wonderful with us.
Elizabeth, Toronto
Boost the return on your short term savings

The TD Money Market Fund has almost $5 billion in assets. This Money Market fund is annualizing a return for 2009 of 1.1% to unitholders.

If this $5 billion was in an ING savings account at 2.5% (no fees, just as easy to move money in and out as the TD Money Market fund), clients would hold an additional $70 million!

If you have money in a money market mutual fund or simply want better rates on your savings, we can personally help you set up your ING account without the need for any mailings or long waits on hold with a call centre. Once set up, you can easily move money between your chequing account and ING account without fees (from the ING side) within 1 or 2 business days.

At TriDelta Financial Partners, we have partnered with ING Bank because we believe that they provide greater value for Canadians with short-term (less than 2 year) savings goals, or those who simply want to earn as much interest on their extra money. Because we are not tied to a larger organization, our goal is simply to find the best solutions in the market place for our clients. We believe that ING is one of those best solutions.

If you have $20,000 in extra savings or an emergency fund or simply in money market funds, by switching to ING, you would have an extra $2,500 in your pocket after 10 years. The savings would be even greater if the money was sitting in a bank savings account.

To get set up with your ING account, please contact us.

What's up with these aches
and pains?

As we age our bodies change and symptoms develop that we are often not familiar with. These include a number of common ailments from headaches to foot pain.

To better understand and accurately diagnose these symptoms, the Mayo Clinic have developed a helpful guide to discover the most common causes of the most common symptoms. Take a look and bookmark this website.

Great reading ideas

A mild spell in February combined with the longer days and the warmer sun and I am already dreaming of the garden and thinking of changes and improvements! A new book that has just arrived fits perfectly into my planning.

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