December 2008 Issue
•  The financial crisis
•  Market turmoil - expert opinion
•  Mortgage opportunity
•  New Year's resolutions
•  What clients say about TriDelta
•  Health symptom guide
•  Great reading ideas
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At TriDelta we offer Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Disability Insurance from virtually every provider in Canada. We also have the expertise to answer all of your questions and to build a plan that is right for your needs.

As with all clients, we ensure that your insurance solutions are not a stand alone but are integrated into your overall financial plan.

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Dear reader,

Ongoing extreme market turmoil continues to cause us to hold off on new investments. Having said that, we are anxious to take advantage of the values and yields that the market appears to present.

To provide ongoing coverage of why we want to invest and what we are waiting for, we provide two short articles. The first is the perspective of one of the leading and highly respected global strategists, Barton Biggs and the other a piece authored by one of our top investment managers, Neil Wickham.

This issue also includes details of our amazing mortgage offer and a number of interesting articles; New Year's resolutions, a useful website to diagnose common health problems and our popular book review.

As always, if we can be of help to you or someone you know, please donít hesitate to get in touch.


TriDelta Financial Partners

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter...

While pessimism reigns high, there is emerging evidence and opinions from some of the leading investment strategists that better times are not far off.

Our highly rated investment managers remain optimistic as does Barton Biggs, the former Chief Global Strategist for Morgan

Stanley. Biggs has appeared numerous times on CNBC and was a member of the Barron's Roundtable. He was named by Institutional Investor magazine to its "All-America Research Team" 10 times, and voted the top global strategist and first in global asset allocation from 1996 to 2000 by the magazine's "Investor Global Research Team" poll.

To read his latest market comments published in the Financial Times, click here.

Global market turmoil - when will it end?

The financial crisis of 2008 is unprecedented in its breadth and depth. It's not just another cyclical economic downturn and it isn't just a North American problem. It's a worldwide financial crisis. Although the current situation is somewhat similar to the depression era of the 1930s, it is very different. One key

difference is that in the 1930s the unemployment rate was more than 25% compared to today's rate of 6% that might go up to 7%. Another key difference is that in the 1930s money supply was being sharply reduced compared to today when money supply is being expanded to accommodate the financial crisis. Perhaps the most important difference today is that government agencies and officials in virtually all major industrialized nations seem to be committed to do whatever it takes to turn the world's economies back to achieving positive economic growth. It should work.

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Low mortgage rates present opportunity

Today, TriDelta can offer the very best mortgage. The majority of lenders are currently charging prime +1% for a CLOSED variable line of credit, but there is one lender who is still offering a rate of just prime (currently 4%). This will likely be 3.75% next week and possibly moving lower. This

mortgage is fully open, and payments can range from interest only to as large as you wish. For qualified applicants this type of flexibility is especially valuable in today's uncertain economy.

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New Year's resolutions

The tradition of the New Year's Resolutions goes all the way back to 153 B.C. Janus, a mythical king of early Rome was placed at the head of the calendar.

With two faces, Janus could look back on past events and forward to the future. Janus became the

ancient symbol for resolutions and many Romans looked for forgiveness from their enemies and also exchanged gifts before the beginning of each year.

Although the date for New Year's Day is not the same in every culture, it is always a time for celebration and for customs to ensure good luck in the coming year.

Making a successful resolution is however difficult and an article published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology suggest that 22 percent of resolvers fall off the wagon a mere week after New Year! After three months half the adults surveyed had called it quits.

Here is an interesting website with tips on setting lasting resolutions.

Good luck.

What our clients are saying about us
Thanks you for your help and Claire has been wonderful.
Thank you, Anton, for guiding us through these difficult times. Today you really provided us with an enhanced understanding of our current and future positions in this marketplace turmoil.
Roz & Bob
I was more than happy to recommend you. You were so helpful and wonderful with us.
What's up with these aches and pains?

As we age our bodies change and symptoms develop that we are often not familiar with. These include a number of common ailments from headaches to foot pain.

To better understand and accurately diagnose these

symptoms, the Mayo Clinic have developed a helpful guide to discover the most common causes of the most common symptoms. Take a look and bookmark this website.
December book reviews

The holiday season is upon us and we are always looking for gift ideas. I have a few suggestions from the many new books this fall...

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