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March 2018

Plan on living to 100?

Investing like the pro’s

TriDelta evolves further

Travel locally

The importance of a Will

Book review


Dear Reader

The last year or two has generally been kind to all of us, but the world spins ever faster or so it seems.

At TriDelta, we remain vigilant to never ending change and look to evolve and adapt.

Our March newsletter has a few interesting articles that will peak your interest. Hopefully they will provide the catalyst for you to change as well, think a little differently, accept new approaches, and adapt as you age.

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Plan on living to 100?
Life expectancy is increasing at a rapid rate and a recent study led by scientists from Imperial College London in collaboration with the World Health Organization, analysed long-term data on mortality and longevity trends. Findings from the research include:
  • The five countries with the highest life expectancy at birth for men in 2030 were: South Korea (84.1), Australia (84.0), Switzerland (84.0), Canada (83.9), Netherlands (83.7)
  • The five countries with the highest life expectancy at birth for women in 2030 were: South Korea (90.8), France (88.6), Japan (88.4), Spain (88.1), Switzerland (87.7)

Living to 100 may seem to be a long age now, but according to a new review, it will likely be the norm for babies born today. The article, appearing in the medical journal The Lancet, shows that based on current trajectories, more than half of all babies born in industrialized nations since the year 2000 can expect to live beyond 100.

Our President & CEO, Ted Rechtshaffen recently wrote on this topic and your finances, which may have to last for many more years than we might have imagined:


If you're planning to live to 100, reaching your financial ‘tipping point’ is a must.

  • As life expectancy continues to increase, it's important to be mindful of your annual estate value and to plan accordingly.
  • If you are a typical Canadian 65 year old couple, you have a 10 per cent chance that at least one of you will live to age 101. Living to 100 is no longer in the rare category. This is now in the land of quite possible. For a financial planner, this is very important information.
  • If you are living off of an ever declining asset pool, the fear of living too long can be very scary. Even if one of you does not live past 100, there is a 50 per cent chance that one of you will live to age 94.

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There are a number of interesting and fun online calculators to estimate your life expectancy that you may enjoy:

Investing like the pros
The traditional so-called 60-40 asset allocation model, has 60% invested in stocks and 40% in government or other high-quality bonds. But after a decade or more of out-of-the-ordinary market conditions, many investment professionals are tweaking the model or abandoning it altogether.

The historical 60/40 investment management approach performed reasonably well throughout the 80’s and 90’s, but a series of bear markets that started in 2000 coupled with a three decade period of declining interest rates have eroded the popularity of this approach to investing.

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TriDelta evolves further

We are pleased to announce the launch of TriDelta Asset Management, which is a new division under the TriDelta Financial umbrella.

TriDelta Asset Management will focus on marketing and sales of a few of our proprietary investment funds that have been launched in past years.

We developed these investment solutions to address what we felt were deficiencies in the market and have delivered exceptional performance in their respective sectors. The funds include the TriDelta High Income Balanced and TriDelta Fixed Income portfolios.

We are very proud to offer these great quality investment solutions to the investment advisor community outside of TriDelta.

We are also very pleased to announce the appointment of Matthew Hallett as Director of National Sales.

Travel locally
So many of us would like to travel, but are frustrated by airports, flight delays, taxi’s and the expense. We decided to feature a local Ontario option that may satisfy your urge to get away, relax and not break the budget.
This is a gem located only a couple of hours from Toronto that most people have never heard of, the Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre. Yes, I know it sounds like an educational centre, but it is a fully fledged hotel as well for guests with excellent amenities that include complimentary wireless high speed Internet access, free parking, fitness centre, private dining room, casual bar and games room, and licensed patio.

This is a southwestern Ontario historic Georgian estate well worth visiting for a relaxing get away offering so much including an award-winning culinary team, Spencer also provides a truly distinctive experience that is sure to nourish the mind, body and spirit.

The property boasts 30 acres of parkland where guests can enjoy on-site walking and cycling trails, outdoor recreation, and a high-ropes team building course.

Click here for more information.

The importance of a Will
A Will is something that most of us should have unless our net worth is limited and we’re happy with the way the government mandates distribution between spouses, children and grandchildren (detailed below).

Any special inheritance wish will however need to be properly spelled out in a legal document, which takes effect when you die. Without a valid Will with detailed instructions, the result is often contentious with family members feeling that the deceased would have wished things to be different.  This results in more grief and often family in-fighting.

For most of us a Will is a vital part of your financial plan that must be updated throughout our lifetime.

Canadian Will surveys over the past decade reveal remarkably similar statistics showing that approximately 55% of Canadians have a written Will. This is encouraging although still leaves many without clear direction of how to handle the distribution of assets.

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Book review

Destined for War
By: Graham Allison

Graham Allison is a director of Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and a best-selling author. Dr. Allison served as Assistant Secretary of Defense and advised the secretaries of defense under every president from Reagan to Obama. He lives in Belmont, Massachusetts.

In his book, Graham Allison details sixteen historical geopolitical rivalries over 500 years and events that led to twelve rivalries that eventually led to war with one another. Using what he labels “Thucydides Trap,” referencing the ancient Greek historian who documented the rise of Athens to challenge the ruling Sparta, Allison’s logic suggests that a rising power will instill fear in a ruling power and cause conflict, which history demonstrates often leads to war.

Today, as a seemingly unstoppable China approaches an immovable America and both Xi Jinping and Donald Trump promise to make their countries “great again,” history suggests that conflict is inevitable or at least looks grim. Unless China is willing to scale back its ambitions or Washington relents and accepts becoming number two in the Pacific, a trade conflict, cyberattack, or accident at sea may soon escalate into more conflict or even war.

In Destined for War, the eminent Harvard scholar Graham Allison outlines why Thucydides’s Trap is the best lens to understand U.S.-China relations in these  uncertain times. Through uncanny historical parallels and war scenarios, he shows how close we are to the unthinkable. Yet, stressing that war is not inevitable, Allison also reveals how clashing powers have kept the peace in the past and what painful steps the United States and China must take to avoid disaster today.

I am a third of the way through the book and have thoroughly enjoyed the read so far. Why not take advantage of the tail end of winter and enjoy a great read before warmer weather takes us outdoors.

By Anton Tucker, Exec VP & Portfolio Manager.


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