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TriDelta Insight
November 2016
Dear reader,

As we all brace for the tumultuous US election we wanted to share a few exciting updates at TriDelta and within the financial industry that you should be aware of.

Rest assured that we’re watching US election developments closely as we remain focused on building wealth for clients.

Enjoy the read and be well,

TriDelta Financial

TriDelta new hires

TriDelta continues to remain focused on delivering superior client service.

We’re very pleased to welcome two new hires in November, both of which will be office managers, one in our Toronto office and the other in Oakville.

Ellen Chung joins the Toronto office working alongside Jennelyn Mariano.
Ellen will be providing enhanced client service support in a number of areas as our team grows.

Ellen has a strong investment background which includes working for many years at CIBC Asset Management and IA Clarington.  Ellen has her Canadian Securities Course, CFA Level 1, and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Toronto.  For the past 7 years, Ellen has worked with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, most recently managing their Lottery. When not working, Ellen and her husband are busy looking after four children!

Cindy Nudds recently joined us in Oakville as Office Manager and will take on a broad range of duties including administration, client servicing and assisting Wealth Advisors.

Cindy has many years of experience in both investment and insurance administration and support roles. She has made her mark at Great West Life, Freedom 55, Investors Group and AIC/Berkshire. Cindy has completed the Canadian Investment fund and operations courses and holds the Fellow, Life Management Institution (FLMI) designation.

Cindy has interests that include spending quality time with family at the cottage and taking long hikes with her two dogs.

We welcome both of them to our growing team.

New Liberal tax implications

As we sit here in the last quarter of 2016, the new tax brackets ushered in by the Federal Liberals are about to become reality as people begin preparing their tax returns early next year.

Tax Planning

The Liberal web site states:

  • When middle class Canadians have more money in their pockets to save, invest, and grow the economy, we all benefit.
  • We will cut the middle income tax bracket to 20.5 percent from 22 percent – a seven percent reduction. Canadians with taxable annual income between $44,700 and $89,401 will see their income tax rate fall.
  • This tax relief is worth up to $670 per person, per year – or $1,340 for a two-income household.
  • To pay for this tax cut, we will ask the wealthiest one percent of Canadians to give a little more. We will introduce a new tax bracket of 33 percent for individuals earning more than $200,000 each year.
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TriDelta innovates with new optional fee structure

Introducing TriDelta Partnership Fees – No Gain, No Pain

At TriDelta we pride ourselves on proactively responding to market trends and also client feedback. We have had a few clients say; “I lost money, how come you made money?” when market performance was poor in bad market years.  To date, this is just the way investment management fees are charged. TriDelta Financial has now decided to deal with this concern head on.


TriDelta Financial ( and its Investment Counselling arm, TriDelta Investment Counsel ( will offer all clients with $500,000 or more of investment assets and a risk profile ranging from Balanced to Growth (minimum of 50% Equity and/or Alternative Investment asset mix to qualify), two options for fees.  One is traditional while the other is a new innovation in the Canadian market.

The Partnership Fee is effectively – if you lose money over a year, your investment management fees will be returned to your account.  Even if you have low returns (from 0% to under 3%) TriDelta will provide a partial refund of your management fee.  On the other hand if you have strong returns, starting at 7%, you will pay a performance bonus.

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What you need to know about the new mortgage rules

On October 3rd, the federal government announced new mortgage requirements, which are designed to dampen the housing price euphoria.

Getting a mortgage approved at a great rate or maximizing the value of your real estate could both be impacted by these changes.  At TriDelta, we are able to help
you or your children with getting the best mortgage, and also help those with their planning around whether to buy, hold or sell real estate.  Feel free to ask us for help in either of these areas.

These new requirements follow four rounds of changes made previously to tighten eligibility rules.  For new insurable loans between 2008 and 2012, the changes included:

  • the minimum down payment was increased to five per cent from zero
  • the maximum amortization period was reduced in stages to 25 years from 40 years and the maximum insurable house price was limited to below $1 million.
  • Buyers with a down payment of at least 5% of the purchase price, but less than 20% must be backed by mortgage insurance. This protects the lender in the event that the home buyer defaults. These loans are known as “high loan-to-value” or “high ratio” mortgages.
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Claire's Movie Review
Bridget Jones Baby

Rarely does a movie sequel reach the heights of a first hit and that was certainly the case for Bridget Jones Diary: Edge of Reason that followed its very successful predecessor in 2004 and barely raised a laugh.  Critics were not the kindest when they described it as “saggy and well-worn as Bridget's big knickers” and  “pretty much the same movie as the first, but both the heroine and her story have lost a good deal of their charm”. 

So it was quite risqué and brave of the producers to try a third reincarnation with
Bridget Jones Baby
the recently released Bridget Jones Baby, but low and behold it worked.  Renée Zellweger returns as the bubbly and bumbling Bridget with an improved British accent that even earned my praise and admiration. Reprising his role is the dishy Colin Firth playing the quintessential Englishman, as Hollywood likes to portray them, who spars with a Patrick Dempsey for Bridget’s affection.

Even if you are late on arrival at watching the Bridget Jones story you can still enjoy this one as a stand-alone as it contains many very funny, amusing and screwball scenes. 

So all you fellas, who are capable of prizing yourselves away from watching sport for one night, I am offering you an opportunity of impressing your loved one if you agree to spend 90 minutes watching this film.  And you might even surprise yourself by thoroughly enjoying it as much as my hubby did. 

By Claire Corrie , Director, Client Service.
Claire's Book Review
The Road To Little Dribbling
By Bill Bryson

When Bill Bryson moved to England in 1995 from his native USA he penned a book full of stories that amused him about the quirky ways of British life to the delight of the British themselves who showed they were capable of laughing at themselves by snapping up his novel and making it a huge best seller. 

The book, Notes From A Small Island, propelled Bryson to a very successful writing career earning him notoriety as a very witty and humerous writer with books like ‘In a Sunburned Country’ and ‘Walk in the Woods’. 

The Road To Little Dribbling
While his writing has since taken him in a more serious direction with the brilliantly technical and fascinating ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’, he has now returned with this little gem, ‘The Road To Little Dribbling’ where, once again, he takes pot-shots at his adopted home.

At the heart of this book is his examination of how life, places and people have changed in Britain since the time he first arrived, while lamenting the disappearance of some of the things that attracted him to move there in the first place.  Using his love of walking he takes us through the countryside, towns and villages he previously visited taking the occasional diversion to introduce us to historical facts and trivia about those places and people that lived there.  His talent to see the funny side of things had me chuckling at his observations such as noting how he was dumfounded that the English were able to ‘conquer the world and yet only bring back one salad dressing’. 

An easy read that would be the perfect companion to take on a vacation or when relaxing at home as the winter draws closer and you need a little something to put a smile on your face.

By Claire Corrie , Director, Client Service.
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