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TriDelta Insight
May 2015
Dear reader,
For Canadians, May is really one of the best months of the year. The promise of summer starts to hit reality, BBQs, outdoor events and cottages fill the calendar.

Hopefully you are in summer mode as you read our May offerings.

Enjoy and be well,

TriDelta Financial

Banking Fees Rise Again - Why do people still pay them?
When I left RBC, one of the first things I did was close my RBC bank account and open a PC Financial account. That was in 2004, and I have never regretted it once. I pay no fees. I get a little interest. I get cheques for free. I use CIBC bank machines at no charge. If I have any problem or uncommon request, I call their service fees
1-800 number, and if I have to pick up something they can send it to the closest CIBC branch.

Even though they are partnered with CIBC, they are owned by Loblaws. I think one of the reasons why I like them so much is that they don't act like a large Canadian bank. They act like a company that is looking to make some money but also get me to shop at Loblaws.

I know this seems like a commercial, but I was reminded of why it is so much better when I read the linked article about this months new round of bank fee increases. PC Financial is not the only no fee banking option out there. A few others are mentioned in the article from the National Post. If you are getting increasingly frustrated by your bank fees and want to improve your financial life for years to come, I would encourage you to do a little work today and make the move.

Author: Ted Rechtshaffen, President and CEO
TFSA Increases and RRIF Minimum Changes - Two Advantages for many of you
As most of you are now aware, last month's budget brought two important personal finance changes.

The first is that TFSA annual contribution limits are now up to $10,000 annually, and the second is that if you have a RRIF, the minimum
belly fat
that you are able to withdraw has been lowered for all ages up to 94.

The TFSA changes will be important for many Canadians, especially younger ones who have years to build up TFSA room.

Asher Tward and Ted Rechtshaffen wrote a couple of articles on this topic in the National Post, showing how a middle class and upper middle class family could save over $1 million in their lifetime with the TFSA vs. the world without TFSAs.
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David Oliver Joins TriDelta
We are proud to announce that David Oliver has joined TriDelta as Chief Operating Officer and Portfolio Manager.

David is a native of Toronto, graduating from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Arts in economics, and went on to earn his CFA designation.

Prior to joining TriDelta, David was National Lead and Vice President of MD Private Investment Counsel and MD Management. He was responsible for and led these two lines of business with $36 billion in assets and over 500 employees.

David was also Regional Vice President and Senior Manager of Portfolio Management at TD Private Investment Counsel.

At TriDelta, David will play an important role in growing the firm through Operations, Investment Solutions, and adding select Portfolio Managers to the team. As with all members of our Executive Team, David will also be managing a book of clients. We believe that this day-to-day contact with clients is key to ensuring that we remain focused first and foremost on your needs.

Please join us in welcoming David to the TriDelta team!

David can be contacted at (416) 733-3292 x 231 or email at
TriDelta Client Leading the Charge on Environmental Issues
From time to time clients have mentioned some of the interesting things that they are working on and we are pleased to be able to share them. This month Aaron Freeman talks about GreenPAC – an organization that he has launched that is aimed at helping to get Environmental leaders elected to public office:

GreenPAC Will Change the Game in Ottawa on Environment
By Aaron Freeman

Man holding the earth
Experts and activists often point to the devastating consequences of government failures to enact policies that protect our environment. And understandably, this is what public and media attention is drawn to when a mining disaster destroys a salmon fishery, when floods, storms and droughts are exacerbated by unpredictable changes in our climate, or when we lose an endangered animal or plant forever.

But when governments shirk their responsibility on the environment, there is an even greater consequence: the failure to reap the broader benefits of environmental solutions.
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Claire's Reading Review
A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

There are few authors who have captured the imagination of both readers and Hollywood producers the way Stephen King has. His credentials are undeniable as a person that can keep a reader rapidly turning pages or glued to a movie screen not knowing where the story will take them next. He creates unforgettable characters like the man on death row in The Green Mile, Carrie in Carrie and the prisoner in Shawshank Redemption.

While some consider writing to be a gift and a talent the reality is, as Stephen maintains, that the path to effective writing is a lot more involved than that.

In this book Stephen takes us on his life journey from childhood, schooling and jobs to being a one of the worlds most read authors crediting the toughness of the challenges he faced as some of the great building blocks that helped him on his way. While the title of this book might lead you to believe that it is purely a 'how to' book, it is, in fact, much more than that. The first half of the book gives us an interesting autobiographical account on how specific experiences lead him to writing followed by the later half which is dedicated to simple yet, excellent gems and tips that could lead one to becoming a better writer.

Once you have put this book down I am sure you will find yourself agreeing that just like most things in life talent and skill is not something that just arrives on your doorstep; as most often it comes from a combination of things such a dedication, education and a steadfast commitment to an endeavour which Stephen King clearly typifies and has made him the excellent writer he is.

By Claire Corrie , Director, Client Service.
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