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May 2014
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Dear reader,
We know things are better than they have been since the 2009 global financial crisis, but how is Canada's economy performing and what can we expect interest rates to do?

How can we take money out of Revenue Canada's pocket for a change?

Our May newsletter has a number of interesting updates to answer these questions and much more.

Enjoy and be well,

TriDelta Financial

Low rates equal solid CDN Real Estate
These days it's even harder to 'see the forest for the trees...' as we're bombarded with news, advertisements, new TV series, text messages and other information. Canadian economy
In the article we look at a series of pointers on the Canadian economy, which will affect our daily lives for years to come.

We start by looking for pointers from our government and no better place to start than bank governor Stephen Poloz who delivered a speech last week suggesting our interest rates are likely to remain low for the next decade, yes decade.

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Health by exercise
Living a largely pain free and long life takes dedication to healthy living. The question is; how do we do this?

Opinions vary and debate will likely endure forever, but two common factors seem to be universally accepted; sustained physical activity and eating lots of fruits & vegetables.
jogging seniors

Our bodies are designed to be active - they actually crave exercise. Frequent exercise is necessary for physical development, fitness and good health. It not only reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases, but improves your appearance & delays the aging process.

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1% in your pocket is better than 1% in the taxman’s pocket
We often tell clients that while you can’t always control investment returns, you can be tax smart in terms of how you invest. If you can add 1% after tax a year to whatever your investments happen to return, you will be much better off over time. Canadian economy

Very roughly, if you are in Ontario and in the tax bracket over $136,000 of income, you will lose almost half of your gains on GICs, bond interest, and U.S. stock dividends. If instead you bought a preferred share or Canadian stock that pays a dividend, you will lose about 30% to taxes. If your investment gains come from capital gains, you will lose a little less than a quarter to taxes.

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Income tax refunds
The arrival of Spring - it has arrived hasn't it? - also means the arrival of tax refunds from the CRA. Roughly 2/3 of Canadian tax filers get a tax refund, hopefully the result of good planning and not simply brad mol
overpaying taxes throughout the year.

While it's tempting to spend a tax refund on a trip or a new flat screen TV, most Canadians would be better off directing their refunds into their financial plan. After all this isn't 'free money'. It's likely that a good portion of your tax refund is a deferral of taxes that you'll eventually pay in the future.

So what's the smartest play for those refund dollars? Like most financial questions the answer is - it depends. Your personal circumstances, goals, and their priorities all factor in to this decision. A financial plan can help maximize your tax refund and identify the best strategic use(s) of those dollars.

My comments on this topic were featured recently in Yahoo Finance, click here to read:

By Brad Mol, Senior Wealth Advisor.
World's best beaches
Well I think we can all agree that was one of the worst winters we have experienced in a long time. I thought it might be prudent for us to start thinking about a warm getaway for next winter.

Here are the TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Awards
for the best 10 beaches across the world.

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First quarter earnings
TriDelta offers investment solutions that consist of a variety of targeted, discretionary portfolios to deliver superior, risk adjusted returns. These include Canadian, US and global solutions ideal for non-registered, RRSP and TFSA's.

TriDelta's Lorne Zeiler appeared on BNN recently to discuss earnings of a few of our select portfolio holdings: Suncor, Forest Laboratories and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company:

Click here to watch.

Our primary investment strategy is designed to perform in all markets, but particularly in down markets when they typically go down less than the market. This means that your capital is better protected.

At TriDelta we have access to a significant research database, which is updated daily as company earnings become available. This ensures that we're able to make the right decisions based on the latest company earnings and other economic information.

We believe investing should be about the achievement of your specific objectives and not simply chasing performance.
Claire's reading pick
The Orenda
by Joseph Boyden

It's one thing when a person you know recommends a good book to read, but a completely different thing when a host of esteemed representatives from across Canada tell you that this is the book that all Canadians should read.
The orenda
Such is the case with the Orenda by Joseph Boyden that was recently proclaimed as the winner of the Canada Reads competition, and also a finalist for the Governor Generals Award and on the Giller Prize List.

The story occurs around the time of the early 17th Century in a part of North America that eventually became Canada. At the centre of the story is a conflict between two First Nation tribes at a time when attempts were being made by Europeans, specifically the French, to convert functioning societies into a way of living and worshipping very different from the way they have lived for centuries. Three compelling central characters, a Huron Warrior, a Jesuit Priest and a young Iroquois girl narrate the book and provide very different perspectives of the struggles and adventures they mutually experience. Far from being friends they reluctantly realise that they cannot accomplish what they need to do, or even just survive, without each other.

To say more would take away the pleasure you would have in jumping into a canoe and going on an epic journey that truly gives one a greater understanding of how this country came to be and what makes us unique.

By Claire Corrie, Director, Client Service.
Claire's viewing pick
The Butler

When it comes to the Academy Awards sometimes a really good movie slips through the cracks. This year was no exception when The Butler was passed by for a deserving nod in the best movie category.

Based on the real life of African American butler, Cecil
The Butler
Gaines, who served eight presidents of the United States the movie gives one a fascinating insight into the personalities and relationships between those who held the most powerful office in the world and their domestic staff.

The movie takes us through the life of Cecil from being raised on a cotton plantation in Macon, Georgia to The White House where he earned a reputation for his efficiency, loyalty and good common sense to the point that many of the Presidents lent on him as the voice of the common man.

While the movie is mainly about the journey of one man, what makes the movie even more compelling for me is that it is an extremely important reminder of the difficult journey of the civil rights movement in the United States, a journey that in many ways is still yet to be completed; from slavery, to the KKK, to segregation and busing, to the Black Panthers and to the election of a Black President. The movie interlaces significant events in time with Cecil's families experiences contrasting them with the opinions and actions taken by each President.

I think all of us, at one time or another, have been influenced by someone that has caused us to change our thoughts, perspectives and beliefs but we are but mere mortal soles who have little power to change the country or world. As opposed to Cecil who may possibly have advanced the cause of human rights for black people in the United States exponentially through his influence and contact with eight extremely powerful men.

By Claire Corrie, Director, Client Service.