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July 2013
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Dear reader,
It's not every month that a prince is born. We welcome Prince George of Cambridge.

Our July newsletter has a number of interesting articles for your enjoyment. We touch on investment markets, growth at TriDelta, child support, Facebook, mortgages, theatre and movies.

Enjoy and be well,

TriDelta Financial

How did the markets perform?
The second quarter of 2013 was very mixed across the globe.
  • The Toronto indices were all negative for the quarter, the TSX was down 4.1% and the TSX Small Cap was down 8%.
  • The Canadian Bond Universe was down about 2.4%
  • The U.S. stock markets continued to perform well. The S&P 500 was up 2.9% in local terms and 6.5% in Canadian currency as the Canadian dollar was weak during the quarter.
  • Global stocks were generally down in local terms but still positive when factoring in the weaker Canadian dollar. The EAFE Index (Europe, Australa, Far East) was down almost 1% in local currency and up 2.8% when priced in Canadian dollars.
  • The MSCI Emerging markets index was down 8% and down 4.7% with currency.
So the message for the quarter: Many markets were down and the Canadian markets were in the middle of the pack.

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TriDelta grows again
We're very pleased to welcome Lorne Zeiler on board.

Lorne joins us from Sprott Asset Management where he was a Vice President and Investment Advisor.

Lorne Zeiler
Lorne joins us as Vice President, Wealth Advisor. His role will be servicing client needs and also serving on our TriDelta Investment Counsel, Investment Management Committee, where his product development and CFA skills will be a welcome addition.

To read more about his qualifications, experience and interests, click here.
What is your mortgage number?
Most people want their mortgage to be paid off.

While in some cases, if the after tax debt costs are low enough, and there are alternatives to use that cash for higher growth, then
having a mortgage can actually add to your wealth.

Nevertheless, for those who want to be mortgage free, here are a few essentials to empower you in the mortgage process.

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TAG - TriDelta Alzheimer's Gathering
Our very first annual TAG event - TriDelta Alzheimer's Gathering, was held on Sunday June 23 in downtown Oakville at the beautiful Erchless Estate and neighbouring Lakeside Park.

The focus of the event was to raise funds for the Hamilton and Halton Alzheimer's Society and also to bring awareness to this debilitating disease.

TAG Event image 3
Goggin-Carroll school dancers with TriDelta team members

The event was hosted in partnership with the Oakville Historical Society, Oakville Museums, Alzheimer's Society and many generous volunteers. It was a wonderful sunny day with piano music, singing and an amazing performance from the world renowned Irish dancers from the Goggin-Carroll school.

TAG Event image 2
Anton Tucker & Claire Corrie deliver funds raised to Trevor Clark of the Alzheimer's Society

TriDelta Financial raised $7,214 for the Hamilton and Halton Alzheimer's Society, as part of our commitment and support for this worthy cause.

TAG Event image 1
Claire Corrie on the Anitra Schooner (1926) with owner Jamie Macrae

Very hearty thanks to all of you who contributed in some way and made this the successful event it was!

I am often asked by clients about Facebook, we have all heard of it, but many of us don't really understand it and therefore don't use it.

Facebook logo
There are however many reasons to consider stepping into the new world of electronic communication and reap the benefits.

Here is an interesting article on 'Why you should start Facebooking' that is worth reading, although we appreciate that Facebook has negatives such as violent gaming, which we do not condone.

I particularly liked the advice they provided:
'Start slow by sending friend requests to your friends and family and reading what's up on their wall. Once you get accustomed to the interface, you can expand your use to uploading photo albums, and from there, begin experimenting with some of the neat Facebook applications.'
Why not start by visiting our Facebook page and if you like it, click the 'Like' button at the top of the page.

You can also send us a message and enjoy the articles we have posted.

Child Support Payments - Are they tax deductible?
We're often asked about child support payments and thought it would be helpful to get an explanation from a local lawyer.

The government changed the tax treatment on Child Support payments on May 1, 1997. Whitney Smith Chadder is a lawyer specializing in family law issues, here is her explanation:
Child holding adults hand

Subject to a few exceptions, the amount of child support paid is determined by the government Child Support Guidelines. These are based on the payor's income (line 150) and the number of children to be supported.

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Claire's theatrical pick
Fiddler on the Roof
Musical Play: Festival Theatre, Stratford

I was only 5 years of age when the original Fiddler on the Roof musical play hit the Broadway Stage and became a smash hit winning countless awards. A few years later Hollywood made a movie of the show, directed by
A thousand splendid suns
Canadian Norman Jewison, propelling songs such as "if I was a rich man" and "Sunrise sunset" to become popular standards throughout the western world.

So how do you dare attempt to improve on near perfection? Well in my opinion the currently running Stratford production of Fiddler certainly has. I tend to judge a show by its opening numbers and the impact it has on the audience, such as the Lion King when the animals appear from all directions. Such was the case with Fiddler as townsfolk entered the stage for a rousing chorus of the song "Tradition" and from then on the show had me captivated right through to the end.

All the actors do an outstanding job with Scott Wentworth putting on a brilliant performance as Tevye, the troubled father looking for a better life for his family.

For those not familiar with the story it is something that is worth introducing to young and old as it is as relevant today as it was when it was written, which adds to the poignancy of the show. Sure it's a little bit of a drive to Stratford (1hr 30 mins by car from Oakville or 1 hour 30 mins by train from Toronto) but it is well worth it. It runs until October 20th so time is running out. Get your tickets before the sun sets on an excellent show.

By Claire Corrie - Director, Client Service.
Claire's viewing pick
Searching For Sugar Man
(Apple T.V. & Netflix)

I mentioned one word, "Rodriguez" to EVP Anton Tucker and he immediately replied back with the words "Sugar Man". For those of us who do not hail from South Africa or Australia
Searching For Sugar Man
it is understandable why we have no knowledge of a singer called Rodriguez, a person who was reputed to have been more famous than Elvis in the 70's and 80's in those countries but the mere mention of his name brought immediate recognition to Anton. The reason being, that while American singer Rodriguez topped the charts on one side of the world he was almost unknown in the country of his birth.

Having never appeared in the flesh in the countries that embraced his music, rumours and stories were abound about the life and demise of the mysterious singer whose songs were the rallying call and anthem to unite many South Africans against apartheid. With that being the background of the story the movie still has many layers, twists and turns that will keep you interested until the end and beyond. The story is told through interviews with those that have known and admired the singer and the impact and impression his songs left upon a nation.

Since my son introduced me to this movie I have recommended to many who have all come back and told me that they not only thoroughly enjoyed it but also, like myself, have downloaded his albums.

This inspiring movie truly deserves the many international awards it has received and I can guarantee that like Anton you will always associate the word "Rodriguez" with "Sugar Man".

By Claire Corrie - Director, Client Service.