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October 2012
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Dear reader,
Happy Fall and farewell to our snowbird friends.

This issue features a number of interesting articles ranging from the added cost of being single in old age, a fascinating San Diego mystery revealed, stats on who owns insurance, how to reduce the risks of dementia, daylight savings reminder and our sought after book and movie review.

Enjoy and be well,

TriDelta Financial

Four ways single seniors lose out
Becoming single in old age could cost you tens of thousands of dollars through no fault of your own. The current tax and pension system in Canada is significantly tilted to benefit couples over singles once you are age 65 or more.

I don't think it is an
intentionally evil plan of the Canada Revenue Agency and other government agencies, but something has to change. Given the fact that so many more single seniors are female, this unfairness is almost an added tax on women.

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San Diego mystery
san diego San Diego boasts one of the best summer climates in all of North America and I was fortunate enough to visit a few weeks ago.

San Diego is the 8th largest city in the US, has a natural deep-water harbor, extensive beaches and has a long association with the U.S. Navy. It is well worth a visit.

Late one afternoon I was enjoying the harbor view from my hotel and noticed a small motorboat cruising around with three people very focused on the water beneath them. I found this interesting and wondered what was going on. Just then a dolphin popped out of the water and landed on the small craft - I was beside myself and quickly summoned my daughter to look.

Well this all seemed to be part of the plan for the three sailors and one of them stroked the dolphin, opened its mouth and examined inside before scooping it off the boat and back into the water.

What was this all about?

I had to get some answers and immediately summoned Google to help. What I found is truly fascinating and I include a CNN video, which will reveal the answer to my question, enjoy......

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By Anton Tucker - Vice President.

Insurance - only two thirds of Canadians have life insurance
Most people have insurance for their motor vehicle and home, but many fail to cover their most valuable assets, their life and potential loss of employment income.

This statistic is disturbing, given the risk that those without insurance face. Equally important is that life
life insurance
insurance owners occasionally monitor what they own and whether it still fits. We must review it against our original goals and update this as our life circumstances evolve.

Despite the typical Canadians' risk averse nature, many are leaving themselves open to unnecessary financial risk and worry, a TD conducted poll suggests.

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RESP withdrawals
So your little darling is going to a post-secondary educational facility, now what?

This government education savings program is a must for all parents with young children given the attractive grants provided.

For those of us who have taken advantage of the RESP and now have kids attending post-secondary education, here are some guidelines to assist you in withdraw funds.

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Exercise May Outperform Puzzles in Preventing Brain Shrinkage
Brain shrinkage has been linked to Alzheimer's disease through research that shows the brain begins to shrink years before symptoms of the devastating disease appear.

A recent study finds exercise may beat brain-sharpening activities like puzzles when it comes to preventing brain shrinkage.

seniors exercising
The researchers found those who engaged in more physical activity experienced significantly less brain shrinkage than those who reported minimal exercise. The study also showed no real benefit to participating in mentally and socially stimulating activities on brain size.

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Time Change this Fall
On the first Sunday in November daylight saving time ends and the clocks "fall back" one hour. This happens at 2am, so you should turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed on Saturday evening.

Sunday November 4, 2012

Don't Forget to Change the Time on Your:
  • Alarm clocks
  • Wall clocks
  • Watches
  • Desk clocks
  • Kitchen appliances (microwave, coffeemaker, etc)
  • TV/VCR and double-check that your computer and cellphone have adjusted themselves
Anton's reading pick
Prime Time - by Jane Fonda

My choice of book may seem a little strange given that this is a book more for women than men. I happened across a Jane Fonda TV interview about her book and was impressed enough to buy and read it. I'm glad I did.

Her early fame came through acting throughout the '80s when she positioned herself as a fitness guru with a series of exercise videos. This gave her some credibility in the fitness world, and for good reason. Her impeccably toned body remains a walking billboard for healthy living.

'Prime Time' delivers guidance on almost every aspect of life as we segue from middle age to beyond. Jane Fonda is now 73 and well 'qualified' in life to deliver guidance given her three marriages and other challenges along the way.

I recommend this book for both men and women interested in improving their health & wellbeing through good exercise, diet & attitude. The book also deals with creating rewarding relationships, attitudes toward compassionate living, friendship and love in the 'third act' (last third of our lives).

Fonda maintains an upbeat tone throughout (we don't want a depressing book on aging) & she does not assume everyone has the means and privileges she does. There are enough stories about her own struggles with self-esteem, relationships and health to reassure readers that she often labored to find the answers to life's big questions herself.

Intimacy in later life is also dealt with openly and injects real life stories and suggestions that are humorous, encouraging, wise, and warm-hearted.

The expert opinions she quotes, like those of Dr. Bartlik and Dr. Warren, are common and authoritative, which provides added credibility.

Overall I found PRIME TIME a positive, witty, intelligent and fun read and have no doubt you will too.

By Anton Tucker - Vice President.
Anton's viewing pick
looper Looper


This is what I thought when I saw this movie, a futuristic action thriller, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt.

This movie is set in the year 2044. Time travel has been invented but has been made illegal, so only the criminals are using it. When these villains want to get rid of someone they send them back in time (30 years from 2074) to be killed by assassins from the past known as Loopers. Then one day these same villains decide to "close the loop", which means the Looper's future self (2074) is sent back to be killed by his 2044 self.

Younger Joe played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the Looper and compared to a lot of people lives a pretty nice life, until the day the mob decides to "close the loop", sending back Joe's future self (Bruce Willis) for assassination.

It's an interesting future world, where carving a message in your arm will leave a scar for your future self to read.

This action packed movie has an interesting vision of the future, not too over the top and quite believable.

I would divulge more of the plot, but then I would have to kill you................. enjoy.

By Anton Tucker - Vice President.