July 2011 Newsletter
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  • Investment risk
  • Give more spend less
  • Now is the time to fix your mortgage
  • Alzheimer's and music
  • Long life is in the genes
  • Permanent Life Insurance Pricing Increases Are Here to Stay
  • Heather's book pick
  • Heather's movie pick
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Dear reader,
Investment markets remain challenging as the world struggles to deal with significant headwinds and digest global deleveraging. The bitter medicine is being administered, which we believe will be successful, but needs much time.

Our risk averse posture has enabled us to significantly reduce portfolio risk and preserve capital, which is discussed further in our 'investment risk' article below.

This newsletter also has interesting articles about charitable contribution strategies, the benefits of music for Alzheimer's patients, secrets to living a long life, rising insurance premiums, great reading and movie ideas.

Enjoy and be well,,

TriDelta Financial

Investment risk

I'm sure you're all feeling as frustrated with the markets as we are, but decades of excessive spending by governments and individuals alike have come at a cost and we're now having to pay for it one way or another. What's worse is the inability for governments to agree on meaningful solutions, which do more than provide short-term solutions.

We're all looking for answers to the global economic woes, but there do not appear to be any, certainly no solutions that instill confidence and this suggests that the volatility and debates will continue.

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Give more, spend less

The following is a story about creating unbelievable value with charitable contributions by simply structuring it efficiently. In our case study below we demonstrate how the charity of your choice can receive a $1 million donation that will only cost the donors a fraction of this.

We have changed names, but detail a real life example of a charitable contribution strategy we implemented with a client recently.

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Now is the time to fix your mortgage

After decades of declining interest rates we have pretty much reached the bottom and will likely not see better mortgage rates. At TriDelta we believe homeowners with variable rate mortgages should make the shift to a fixed rate option.

To read about our opinion click this link to access Ted Rechtshaffen's recent article:

Music's vital role in comforting Alzheimer's patients

Music can be a powerful source of joy, comfort and inspiration in our lives, especially for people living with dementia. This inspired our latest video development earlier this year. People living with dementia and their family members attest to the very vital role music has in their lives. Research, some of it proudly sponsored by the Alzheimer Society, confirms this. The Alzheimer Society created the video, "When words fail, music speaks" to show the positive affect of music and released this video at the Alzheimer's Disease International Conference in March 2011, in Toronto.

Please enjoy and share with others.

Long life is in the genes

Researchers studied a population of Ashkenazi Jews who have lived to age 95 and older and found that their eating and lifestyle habits were no better than those of the general population.

In fact, men in the long-lived group drank slightly more and exercised less than their average counterparts said the findings in the online edition of Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

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Permanent Life Insurance Pricing Increases Are Here to Stay

Within the Life Insurance Industry, it has long been known that Life and Critical Illness Insurance (CI) costs would rise, and unfortunately for the consumer, permanently.

The economic realities that we are all facing, as individuals and global citizens, have affected the ability of insurers to continue to offer historically favourable rates and product features, for permanent insurance.

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Heather's book pick

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.
The author Malcolm Gladwell is a staff writer for the New Yorker, who after writing his first book, The Tipping Point has become the source for corporate businesses seeking to understand the way we live, think and consume today. It is said he "has a gift for making the complex seem simple and for seeking common-sense explanations for many of the mysteries, coincidences and problems of the everyday".

What is an outlier? According to one dictionary definition, an outlier is 'something that is situated away from or classed differently from a main or related body'. Gladwell uses the word to define a "truly exceptional individual who, in his or her field of expertise, is so superior that he defines his own category of success". Gladwell defines Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Robert Oppenheimer, to name a few, as outliers as he seeks to offer an understanding of what makes people successful.

Gladwell takes a unique look at success, implying it may not only be achieved with dedication, talent and circumstance, but that genius is also a function of when you are born. Gladwell also focuses on the idea that the values of the world we inhabit and the people we surround ourselves with have a profound effect on who we are. One downfall is that the book does focus on American specific references and would have been more interesting if it had a worldwide focus.

Overall, Outliers is an interesting and light read that gets you to look at success a bit differently.

By Heather Holjevac, Senior Financial Planner

Heather's movie pick

Venturing out to a movie theatre for the first time in over a year made it a challenge to pick the "best" movie playing. Settling on 50/50, initially I was apprehensive about deciding on this choice. Did I really want to spend 2 hours in tears? However, with Seth Rogan playing Kyle, one of the main characters, I knew if anyone could tackle the lighter side of cancer, it would be him. 50/50 is a heart warming story, inspired by true events of 27 year old Adam's journey as he deals with a rare form of spinal cancer. Adam, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is inspiring. His character has a calm about him as he and his best friend Kyle work through the themes of friendship and survival. The movie is funny in all the right places and while the language is colourful throughout, it works, with a great blend of comedy and sadness. It ends up being a feel good movie and has you wondering how you would react in the same situation. 50/50 is definitely worth seeing.

By Heather Holjevac, Senior Financial Planner