September 2008 Issue
•  Emotions & investing
•  Interpreting wild markets
•  Why use a mortgage broker?
•  3 hot new book titles
•  Company group plans at risk
•  What clients' say about us
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At TriDelta we offer Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Disability Insurance from virtually every provider in Canada. We also have the expertise to answer all of your questions and to build a plan that is right for your needs.

As with all clients, we ensure that your insurance solutions are not a stand alone but are integrated into your overall financial plan.

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Dear reader,

The collective global financial asset write-down we have witnessed this past year is the "largest financial shock since the Great depression" according to the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England. The extended party is over and our reliance on debt to fund growth haunts us. So much for refinancing to buy that new kitchen.

But what does it really mean? Our opinion is that it is more of the same. The economic machine tracks upward in cycles and this is another very healthy correction, which has now returned markets to more realistic levels. Two of our senior investment portfolio partners, Bruce Campbell and Neil Wickham were our guest speakers on conference calls this week and they provided us with good perspective and vision. The calls were recorded and are available for you to listen in (click here).

Please be sure to scroll down to the other interesting articles including the first in an ongoing series of book reviews, which will take the guess work out of choosing a good book to read.

Enjoy and be well,
TriDelta Financial Partners

Managing emotions for successful investing

Investors feeling shaken by the recent market fluctuations may be considering adjusting their 'risk tolerance'. We encourage you to avoid this temptation.

This little understood yet often used descriptor, 'risk tolerance' is every bit as volatile as individual investors other emotions - because it is from our emotions, and not our intellect, that "risk tolerance" is derived at any given moment.

Successful investing is to a large extent managing our emotions, which often prompt change at precisely the wrong time.

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Interpreting wild markets

We conducted two urgent and exclusive investment conference calls with TriDelta’s top investment managers following the extraordinary stock market developments.

We examined the implications and discussed what we’re doing to protect and build your wealth.

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Why mortgage agents are better than your bank
In today's competitive environment mortgage agents continues to emerge as the preferred provider for home loans. This trend has been explosive and clearly indicates consumers are choosing superior options of convenience, service and expertise offered by mortgage agents over traditional channels like banks. Here's why:
  • Better rates: Agents shop the market to ensure the best rates and products.
  • Extended rate holds: Offering 120 day rate holds.
  • Unbiased advice: Agents work for you, not the lender. As independents, they offer impartial advice and assistance.
  • Highly knowledgeable: Provide all information and simplify the process & need to meet education standards.
  • Fast service: Personalized, fast service.

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TriDelta book reviews - 3 hot new titles
The autumn is an exciting time in the book industry as many new books are released and finalists for annual book awards such as the Giller, the Man Booker and the

Governor General's are announced. For our first book review I have chosen hot, new fiction and non-fiction books and a paperback book that is a favorite of ours in the store.

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Your group benefits may be at risk - we have the solutions to save them.

Many companies are scrambling to keep escalating costs in check, especially in light of the current economic climate. Employee benefits can be a huge drain on operating costs.

What many people aren’t aware of is that there are now powerful and

beneficial solutions that can be implemented to preserve as well as enhance existing group coverage. These solutions are being used by well advised organizations alongside their traditional group insurance, hybrids, or stand alone plans. They aid companies in controlling costs, and provide much greater flexibility and customization of benefits, driven by each employee.

With the advent of these new alternatives, employee benefit plans are being saved as a result of greater control over expenses. Employees are happy because much needed benefits are less likely to go the way of the dinosaur.

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What our clients are saying about us
We are very happy and grateful for all your assistance over the last 2 months and we will certainly recommend your services if we come across friends looking for mortgages.
Justin, Toronto
We can never thank you enough for all your help/guidance and support. We could not have done it without you!
Derek & Peggy

I would like to thank you for the service you provided in helping us obtain our life insurance policy. We did not have insurance previously and you were able to guide us through the process smoothly and professionally; you explained all our options and your recommendation was best suited for our needs.

Your level of service and friendly approach made us feel comfortable and never pressured. Thank you for your efforts. We feel very confident in our decision and would recommend you to anyone we know that is looking for the same peace of mind.

Darlene, Toronto