August 2008 Issue
•  Market outlook piece
•  Is mortgage insurance good?
•  What our clients are saying
•  Set the right goals
•  Debt can be good
•  Remembering Sir John Templeton
•  Longevity calculator
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At TriDelta we offer Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Disability Insurance from virtually every provider in Canada. We also have the expertise to answer all of your questions and to build a plan that is right for your needs.

As with all clients, we ensure that your insurance solutions are not a stand alone but are integrated into your overall financial plan.

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Dear reader,

Our August newsletter provides a healthy dose of thought provoking advice and information to complement your long, lazy summer days.

The first article provides a perspective on the challenging markets. We revisit the importance of setting the right goals as seen by bestselling author, Tim Cork and provide examples of how debt can be a good thing in building your wealth.

We also remember the lessons of one of the great investment giants of the past century. There is a fun and informative longevity calculator that is sure to be discussed at length and another real life insurance story.

Last but not least, we are in the media again. See todays Globe and Mail or click here.

Enjoy and be well,
TriDelta Financial Partners

Market outlook
Thankfully the month of July has come to an end. The TSX is essentially back to where it started the year, after seven down weeks in a row for the first time in ten years. Our Canadian market continues to outperform the other global indices, particularly the U.S. where both the S&P and the DOW

are both down approximately 14% year-to-date. In the month, the energy companies were weak as the price of a barrel of oil dropped $20 and the financials started to show some life. Large cap companies continue to perform better than their small cap counterparts with the Nesbitt-Burns Small Cap Index down -8.5% in July alone and down almost 15% year-to-date

Enough doom and gloom. What do you do in a market like this? We believe we are close to the bottom but we also expect continued volatility. We hold a high-quality equity portfolio that is Canadian large cap centric. We have approximately a 6% weighting in cash with an additional 4% weighting in BCE which is a proxy for cash. There are a number of stocks at attractive valuations that we will look to exploit over the coming months. In the meantime, we have a solid collection of economically insensitive yield stories. As a general rule, we believe it is very important to minimize the number of potential surprises.

Bruce Campbell, portfolio manager

Bank Mortgage Life Insurance: Who Is Protecting Whom?

Buying a house involves more than just looking through listings and visiting open houses. Somewhere along the way, purchasers must apply for a mortgage. I recently met with John* and Susan*, a married couple with two children, ages 3 and 1. They purchased a home, met with a mortgage

representative from one of the Big Five Banks and received a $300,000 mortgage. They also opted for the bank's mortgage insurance.

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What our clients are saying about us
TriDelta is clearly capable and dedicated to serving clients needs. They have superior knowledge and experience in financial planning. Our particular advisor, Frank Wiginton is very well equipped to provide overall financial advice. He is easy to work with. I would recommend TriDelta Financial Partners to anyone wanting to sort out their financial part of their life.
Janet, Toronto

As first time buyers, we were unsure of what steps needed to be taken to secure a mortgage. Tridelta held our hands the entire way, coordination with Tridelta and our lawyers was done without issue and so that we felt no additional stress that you can have when buying. We recommend Tridelta.

We also found that our broker was looking out for our best interests and was upfront and detailed about everything. We are lucky to have found such a wonderful company that we will stay with for many years to come!

Kallie & Martin, Toronto
Set the Right Goals
“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” – Michelangelo

Do you have goals? Do you write them down? Do you review them once a day or once a week? Goal setting is one of the most critical skills that you must master to create success in your life. It’s a skill that you can learn. I am motivated, consoled, or calmed by thinking of what’s really important in my life.

Goals are critical to success but until you, write them down and take action they can’t be achieved.

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Debt can be good - 6 Examples

They say that Debt is a four letter word. Just look at what is happening to homeowners in the U.S. “Never have any debts – if you can possibly help it” is a message that many of us grew up with. With all of that – how in the world can debt be good?

At TriDelta Financial Partners, we believe that there is often an irrational fear of debt among people – especially with clients that should have no fear.

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Investment snippet – Sir John Templeton R.I.P
Sir John Templeton, the global investor and philanthropist passed away last month at the age of 95. He sold his company, Templeton Funds in 1992 at about the time better, more efficient and cheaper investment solutions became available such as ETF’s. Again demonstrating unbelievable insight

and vision of changing trends as we evidence today with an ailing mutual fund industry. John Templeton was the first of the true global investors. When Jim Cramer states "there is always a bull market somewhere and I try to find it..", John Templeton actually did it, beginning in 1937. He took risks but was almost always vindicated, and his shareholders did very well. Along the way he also became one of the world’s richest men.

In a career that spanned seven decades, Sir John dazzled Wall Street, organized some of the most successful mutual funds of his time, led investors into foreign markets, established charities that now give away $70 million a year, wrote books on finance and spirituality and promoted a search for answers to what he called the “Big Questions” — realms of science, faith, God and the purpose of humanity.

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Longevity calculator

One thing that is the very same for each and every one of us is ‘time’. Yes, “time and tide wait for no man” (Mark Twain), but thanks to technology and science we have learned ways to extend the time we spend on mother earth. Our lifestyle choices make a distinct difference, but unfortunately aging

can only be slowed not eliminated. The following calculator is fascinating and puts our lifestyle decisions relating to our health into amazing clarity and show you how to add years to your life. Try it!

This calculator will also help determine how long your retirement money has to last — barring getting hit by a train of course...

This website also offers a free newsletter with interesting tips on lifestyle habits. I really like the advice…be positive, play often, drink red wine, have more sex, relax and most importantly remember to have fun.