Investment Counsel

Our independent investment counsel works to deliver superior investment management to clients using the very best solutions available. Our investment counselors’ sole job is to invest your assets in bonds, stocks and various other instruments as appropriate with the necessary focus and discipline needed in this ever changing environment.

Our portfolios are designed to deliver growth, but with lower ‘beta’ (volatility) than the stock market. We have access to a significant research database, which is updated daily as company earnings become available. This ensures that we’re able to make the right decisions based on the latest company earnings and other economic information.

Equity Investment Process (PDF)

Fixed Income Investment Process (PDF)

Our offer consists of a variety of targeted, discretionary portfolios to deliver superior, risk adjusted returns. These include Canadian, US and global solutions. Our investment strategy is designed to perform in all markets, but particularly in down markets when they typically go down less than the market. This means that your capital is better protected.

Discretionary investment management is where the portfolio managers make investment decisions on your behalf and according to your investment objectives. To be able to do so, investment counsellors and portfolio managers meet the highest standards of registration and qualifications with provincial securities commissions.

When compared to mutual funds, our fees are typically much lower, and are often tax deductible. Many new clients are pleasantly surprised at the savings and performance they find in comparison to their years of mutual fund investing.

We believe investing should be about the achievement of your specific objectives and not simply chasing performance. Your portfolio should be structured with no more risk than is necessary to achieve the target performance to make your plan a reality. To this end we are self described ‘conservative investment managers’. We also work with you in developing your financial plan.

Our first priority is ‘capital protection’ followed by ‘superior, risk adjusted performance’ and not the other way around as is often the case. What this means is that we will be proactive in adjusting your portfolio to reflect the varying market risk over time and not simply give it lip service. Examples include: We avoided the US and European markets by holding less than 5% of equities outside Canada between 2004 through 2011 given the economic uncertainty and currency concerns. How right we were. We built 20+% cash levels in portfolios between May and November 2011 by reducing equity exposure to counter balance the significantly elevated market risk caused by the global debt crisis.

Core values: Help clients define and achieve their investment goals with lower risk. Uphold the highest ethical standards.