First quarter earnings


TriDelta offers investment solutions that consist of a variety of targeted, discretionary portfolios to deliver superior, risk adjusted returns. These include Canadian, US and global solutions ideal for non-registered, RRSP and TFSA’s.

Our primary investment strategy is designed to perform in all markets, but particularly in down markets when they typically go down less than the market. This means that your capital is better protected.

At TriDelta we have access to a significant research database, which is updated daily as company earnings become available. This ensures that we’re able to make the right decisions based on the latest company earnings and other economic information.

We believe investing should be about the achievement of your specific objectives and not simply chasing performance.

TriDelta Investment Management Committee

Cameron Winser

VP, Equities

Edward Jong

VP, Fixed Income

Ted Rechtshaffen

President and CEO

Anton Tucker

Executive VP

Lorne Zeiler

VP, Wealth Advisor