Travel insurance is a must.


Prepared to risk it for a few bucks?

Whether you’re a snowbird enjoying the warm weather for 5 months, taking a week-long all inclusive vacation to a beach or skiing down the slopes, it’s always a good idea to get travel insurance before you go.

The following is a true story:

Later that night after enjoying a meal at one of their favorite restaurants in Florida, Carrie began to feel nauseous, lightheaded and faint. Since the symptoms remained for a few hours, her husband Alan called an ambulance. The paramedics rushed them to the nearest hospital where a doctor diagnosed Carrie with food poisoning. After resting at the hospital for three hours, she was given some prescription medicine and then sent on her way. As they were leaving the hospital, Alan was handed a bill for $4,000. They were flabbergasted at the cost, but relieved to know that they had travel insurance through his work. On the way back to the hotel they discussed how fortunate Canadians are with our healthcare system.

While sifting through the mail upon their return from the vacation, Alan noticed a bill for the ambulance for $500. He spoke with the travel insurance representative from his work and was told that the coverage did not include ambulance rides; this he had to unhappily pay for out of pocket.

The moral of the story here is, ensure that you have proper medical insurance in place. If you have travel insurance through work, make sure that the coverage that you thought you had covers what you expect it to. If you do not have proper insurance coverage, seek advice and get a travel insurance plan suited to the needs of the travelers.

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Written by Jay Bernbaum, TriDelta Insurance Solutions