TriDelta Challenge for Alzheimer’s: Official Launch

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This newsletter marks our official launch of the TriDelta Challenge for Alzheimer Research.

At TriDelta we focus on the goals and aspirations of those approaching or in retirement and increasingly see the effects of Alzheimer’s. We see many clients that have worked hard, raised a family and are looking forward to their retirement – just as one of their parents becomes increasingly dependent due to the disease. It completely changes the lives and adds expense to the parents and often their children.

At TriDelta we felt a close connection to Alzheimer’s and decided to take some tangible action in providing renewed hope and raise much needed funds for Alzheimer’s research.

Our objectives are as follows:

  1. Raise funds for Alzheimer’s research to find the elusive cure.
  2. Increase awareness by delivering knowledge to reduce our complacency to this serious threat.
    Recent research shows that while more than half of us know someone with Alzheimer’s, 90% of us don’t know much about the disease. At TriDelta we hope to improve awareness and knowledge about the disease.

Here is a powerful Alzheimer’s advertisement from the UK effectively demonstrating why TriDelta chose to support this worthy cause.

Please click here to view our new donations page, which will enable you to contribute to the Canadian Alzheimer’s Society via our ‘TriDelta Challenge for Alzheimer Research’.