[IN THE NEWS] Don’t Panic but Understand How Risky Your Holdings Are


In this Financial Post news article, I spoke to Jon Chevreau about how important it is for investors’ to understand the risk they really hold, while focusing on capital preservation. Keith Richards, portfolio manager with Worldsource Securities Inc. and indexing guru Larry Swedroe were also featured in the article:


“Today’s blog headline comes from financial planner Ted Rechtshaffen, president of Toronto-based Tridelta Financial. I’d contacted him for the article in today’s paper headlined “Better to hedge than time market.”

Our chat came too late in the day for that piece but he made some excellent points. “I think the issue is always looking at what is the risk you’re really holding,” he told me. Investors need to understand what they own and assess what really may be at risk. Back in 2008, while investors may not have realized how bad it could get, someone with a portfolio 40% in bonds, 25% in utility and consumer staples stocks and 10% in precious metals might still have been down 10 or 15% but withstood a terrible time, he says.” READ  MORE AT SOURCE…