[IN THE NEWS] Five Retirement Planning Gaffes to Avoid


In this article in the National Review of Medicine, reporter Sam Solomon speaks to me about the five retirement planning mistakes many make, and how to avoid them:

Five Retirement Planning Gaffes to Avoid

By:  Sam Solomon, National Review of Medicine (Volume 4, No 4), February 28, 2007

Planning for retirement can be a full-time job — but good planning means you won’t have to keep your other full-time job into your retirement years. “When it comes to retirement planning,” laughs Fred Bowie, CEO of Canada Retirement Information Centre, “it’s the lack of planning that’s the biggest problem.”

No big surprise — retirement planning isn’t easy. In fact, it can be downright scary. Once you start looking at all the arcane tax laws and frighteningly large spreadsheets, feelings of abject terror can set in. But don’t despair. Here’s how you can recognize the five biggest retirement planning mistakes, to learn what pitfalls you may encounter in your journey and how to leap over them gracefully.  READ  MORE AT SOURCE…